The expected salary grew more than inflation, but the gender gap remained in 2022

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the latest report Boomerang Labor market index revealed that the projected salary had an accumulated raise of one 102.5% in the year 2022and in this way it was accepted above inflation for the same period, equal to 94.8%. While this number represents an all-time high for this measurement, the gender gap remained wide between the wages demanded by men and women.

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2022 records double the increase recorded during 2021, which was 55%; it is also well above 2020’s 33%, 2019’s 40% and 2018’s 32%.

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In particular, the job portal detected it in the month of December the expected salary reached $204,090: a 6.1% increase from November, where it stood at $192,331 per month.

However, a key piece of information revealed by the report is related to the gender gap, which has remained more than 13.5% in favor of men.

This is the lowest value and was recorded in August last year. The highest values ​​were 24.8% in April, 23.7% in February and 23.6% in March.

Furthermore, this report reflects that the salary gap required by gender increases with seniority in office. In junior positions men require a salary 2.7% higher than women.

In the positions of Chief / Supervisorr the differential reaches 19.5%. The gap peaked in March, when it reached 39.6% in this position, while the lowest value for this segment was recorded in August when it fell to 16.1%.

That meant, for example, in March, projected salaries of $272,884 for men and $195,450 for women in boss or supervisor positions, and a difference of $77,434 between the two.

As of December, the average salary required by men is $218,806 per month while that required by women is $189,374 per month.

Compared to November, the increase is 5.5% for men and 6.8% for women. The average wage gap is 15.5% in favor of men.

The wage gap for December in the junior segment is 2.7% with salaries of $139,127 and $135,454 a month.

At senior and semi-senior levels it is 17.5% with salaries of $220,999 and $188,019 per month. In the positions of head or supervisor, it reaches 19.5% with salaries of $350,826 and $293,477 a month.

What are the highest average wages for December?

  • $519,589 per month for Supervisor and Project Leadership Segment Lead;
  • $450,618 per month including for Project Leadership of senior or semi-senior positions;
  • $190,502 per month for risk analysis of junior positions.

At the junior level, what are the positions with the highest expected average salary?

  • Finance and Administration Risk Analysis with $190,502 per month;
  • Civil Engineering in the Manufacturing, Supply and Logistics sector at $175,692 per month;
  • International purchases or imports of others with $174,531 per month;
  • Technology and Systems Programming with $158,729 per month;
  • HR training with $155,230 per month;
  • External Marketing Communications and Communications with $149,500 per month;
  • Commerciale of Commerciale with $125,153 per month.

What are the junior areas with the best expected average salaries?

  • Technology and Systems with $153,366 per month;
  • Marketing and Communications with $149,219 per month;
  • Administration and Finance with $141,024 per month;
  • Human Resources with $140,800 per month;
  • Manufacturing, Supply and Logistics with $140,243 per month.

These industries have average salaries above the junior average, which is $​ 137,291 per month.

What are the sectors with the highest average wages required of the senior and semi-senior levels?

  • Technology and Systems with $257,420 per month;
  • Manufacturing, Supply and Logistics at $229,361 per month;
  • Human Resources with $221,330 per month;
  • Administration and Finance with $204,996 per month.

These areas have higher than average senior and semi-senior values, that is 204,509 pesos per month.

Malena Martos


Source: Clarin

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