The raw story of the woman who denounced Dani Alves: “I resisted, but he was stronger than me”

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The football world is in shock. The smile of the most successful player in history has faded, always identified by the joy that lived on his face and who is now going through the worst days of his life: Dani Alves has been charged with rape and is being held in Brians 2 penitentiary in Barcelona.

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Much more can be said about the victim, even if little or nothing is known about his life: She is immersed in a nightmare and is also in shock from the traumatic situation she had to live less than a month ago. It is a 23-year-old girl who plucked up courage and declared what she suffered on the night of December 30 in the bathroom of the Sutton bowling alley in the Spanish city.

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He testified on January 2 at the Mossos d’Esquadra Central Sexual Violence Unit at the Les Corts Police Station in Barcelona, ​​just days after the event in question, and accused the footballer of beating and raping her. It all started with a whisper in her ear, whose words she didn’t understand. “He should have told her in Portuguese”, explained in his statement.

So far, nothing that hasn’t been found before. Subsequently, the Brazilian violently brought the young woman’s hand to her crotch, which she refused, and the situation became more tense, although she still could not even imagine what would happen next to her.

A few moments later, Dani moved away a few meters, next to a door, and asked the girl to come closer. “I didn’t know what was behind it. I thought there would be another VIP area”He continued with his story. What was there was one of the disco toilets where they both were.

She agreed and, seeing Dani closing the door as soon as he entered, asked him to let her out. Unfortunately it was already late. The former Barcelona player told her that she couldn’t leave, forced her to tell him that she was her “little bitch” and, when she refused, violently threw her to the ground, hit her causing injuries to her knee and finally raped her. “I resisted, but he was much stronger than me”, detailed.

Dani Alves, in trouble

According to the Spanish press, Dani Alves shows contradictions in his statements: At first he claimed that he did not know or had any contact with the complainant, then he commented that he had seen her but that nothing of what the young woman told in her deposition happened and, finally, he affirmed that it was she who jumped on he.

ney alves, Dani’s brother, spoke on Telecinco Brasil’s “Fiesta” program and acknowledged that the defendant’s family is “powerless in the face of this situation”. At the same time, he stated that the lawyer, Miraida Puente Wislon, “isn’t doing well” and assured that “We will give our lives, if necessary, to get Dani Alves out of this hell.”

His ex wife, Dinora Santana, Put your hands in the fire for him: “Dani would never, ever, ever do that. Never. I’m telling you I’ve known him for 22 years and been married to him for 10 years.”

Meanwhile, the defender of the last time at Pumas de México, a club that terminated his contract after the incident, is waiting in jail. A Barcelona judge ordered his hospitalization, without bail, last Friday. Since then he has remained in the admission form of the Brians 1 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires.

Recent information indicates that he has been transferred to the admission module of Brians 2 prison. Both convicted and remand inmates live there and it has smaller residential modules which better ensure their safety and coexistence with the rest of the inmates. Prison staff are expected to assign him a cell in the next few hours.

His defense is working on the procedural strategy to try to get him out on bailFor this he is considering appealing against his admission to prison, if necessary, proposing to testify again before the judge. His strategy is also being prepared by the victim’s lawyer, who in his deposition last Friday before the judge expressly waived the compensation which could correspond to him in the event that Alves is convicted of rape.

Source: Clarin

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