How much does a community manager earn: a position in demand but losing to inflation

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Since it has timidly appeared as a profession, the position of community manager has become one of the jobs of choice for young people. However, those who manage the social networks of companies or other people they are losing weight in terms of salary within companies, although they are still in demand.

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“In 2022 job announcements community director (CM) accounted for 0.6% of all those posted on Bumeran. And, in the second half of 2022, it was registered a 6% increase in the number of ads for this position compared to the first half of 2022”, explains Carolina Molinaro, Marketing Manager of Jobint (owner of employment portals such as Bumeran, ZonaJobs, Selecta and Hiring Room).

The average salary of CMs is 115,400 pesos a month; However, “They usually ask for compensation below the average in the Marketing and Communications area,” says the specialist.

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Last August’s Boomerang Index report indicated that the expected average salary for a community manager has arrived the lowest in the senior and semi-senior category of the Marketing and Communication area, with 104,833 pesos per month.

In contrast to this result, the average salary required for the Marketing and Communications area that month was 161,422 pesos per month.

Desired salary below inflation

Molinaro clarifies that while the salaries required of Bumeran’s talents increased by 102.5% in 2022, “the expected remuneration of those applying for CM positions only increased by 77%”. Inflation in 2022 was 95%.

Most applicants for the position are women. “In 2022, 59% of applications for these positions were made by women, 36% by men and 5% by other genders or people who preferred not to reveal their gender,” she concludes.

What does a community manager do

The CM is in charge of managing the interaction of a brand with its customers and the followers that the company has through social networks.

Create strategies that allow you to build communities with users within networks. Many times it uses personalized answers for the different questions that customers or users express in their profiles: this generates much greater loyalty and feedback for the benefit of the brand.

Malena Marto


Source: Clarin

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