She shot her husband, in a terminal state, because they didn’t give him euthanasia

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A 76-year-old woman has been arrested in a hospital in Florida, United States, on suspicion of shooting her 77-year-old husband who was hospitalized. Ellen Gilland, the killer, said her husband Jerry Gilland was terminally ill and not being euthanized. According to her, she had arranged with the man to kill him so that he would no longer suffer.

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The homicide occurred Saturday in room 1106 of AdventHealth Daytona Beach hospital in Volusia County. The woman shot her husband, who was lying on a bed. The man died instantly.​

The sound of the shot immediately set off all the alarms in the hospital and a police patrol immediately appeared. The officers had to calm down the woman, who was considerably nervous, which was entrenched for about four hours until they finally managed to stop it. She was handcuffed and taken out of the hospital, from where she was put into a patrol car to take her to the police station.

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There she recounted that she and her husband had been planning the terrible situation for some time, and that he intended to commit suicide because he was unwilling to continue his life surrounded by medical care and without solution. There were no other injuries or fatalities in the event. It has not been clarified what disease the man murdered by his wife was suffering from.

Police officers said Ellen told them she and her 77-year-old terminally ill husband Jerry they planned the shooting together three weeks ago. The area’s police chief, Jakari Young, later stated that the plan was to be a murder-suicide.

“The goal was for him to do it, but he didn’t have the strength, so she had to do it for him,” Young said. Gilland was subsequently charged with first-degree premeditated murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

She is currently being held without bail. Over the weekend, Young said the pair apparently “had a conversation about it and they actually planned it about three weeks ago that if it kept getting worse he wanted her to end this.” It’s very sad,” she said. added. It’s obviously a difficult situation.”

She noted that police “aren’t sure how he got the gun to the hospital, but it was expected.”

Now the woman faces several criminal charges, including that of first degree premeditated murder. Her advanced age may be a mitigating factor for placing her in prison if she is eventually arrested.

what is euanxiety

The term comes from the Greek eu (meaning good) and thanatos (death). So etymologically it means ‘good death’. But from a scientific or medical point of view it is much more. Euthanasia is the process of hastening the death of a person with an incurable disease to prevent them from suffering. In euthanasia it is always a medical team that administers the drugs to the person who wants to die.

Instead in assisted suicide, instead of the doctor, it is the person who wishes to die who ends his life by taking a lethal drug, with all the risks that this entails. This is, for example, what Ramón Sampedro did in 1998. In Spain, assisted suicide is criminally punished like euthanasia, with sentences ranging from two to ten years’ imprisonment. In Switzerland it is practiced. There, in certain centres, a doctor prescribes the drugs, but it is always the patient himself who takes them directly.

Source: Clarin

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