ANSeS returns up to $57,119: who it corresponds to and how to complete the process

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Every year, ANSeS withholds 20% of the amount it pays to beneficiaries who receive the Universal Child Allowance, then this amount is repaid in the first months of the following year. This will take place in February, the organization directed by Fernanda Raverta will deposit the discount applied to all those who meet a fundamental requirement: present the AUH booklet, which in turn must have three basic codes.

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This means that to receive that withheld amount which goes up to $57,119AUH beneficiaries must demonstrate (through their notebook) that their children comply with a regular schooling (granted by each school); and in addition, the corresponding health center must accredit that every minor has vaccinations and controls corresponding to their age.

Said notebook could be completed and delivered until December of last year, those who have not lost that 20% advantage. Nor will they be able to claim those who have not complied with these items the previous year.

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For those who managed to comply with the procedure, ANSeS will release a minimum of $17,536.60 and a maximum of $57,119 (this amount is per disabled child)equivalent to the amount withheld during 2022.

For those in Zone 1, the amount totals $22,799 and $74,256 if they are children with disabilities. Zone 1 are those who live in La Pampa, Chubut, Neuquén, Carmen de Patagones, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Antártida Argentina and Islas del Atlántico Sur and the district of Carmen de Patagones, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Below are the details of the amount of the supplement that the Anses will pay to the AUH beneficiaries in 2023 based on the number of children:

  • For a child: $17,536.20
  • For two children: $35,073.20
  • For three children: $52,609.80
  • For four children: $70,146.40
  • For five children: $87,683
  • For six children: 105.2019

AUH ANSES notebook: how to complete the procedure

  • First you need to download the Notebook module (PS.1.47) from my ANSES, with the Social Security Code.
  • Then you have to print it or pick it up at the ANSES office closest to your home.
  • Take him to the health center and to school to be completed and signed.
  • Submit it complete along with the ID of the owner and the family group.

How to present the notebook in ANSES

Once the form has been filled in, it can be sent in two ways: Request a shift to attend in person at the office closest to your home or upload it online.

To request an appointment by telephone, call 130. If it is impossible to obtain an appointment, make the presentation at an ANSES branch It can be done in the state’s mobile trucks that are located in every neighborhood.

On the web you can download the ANSES Universal Check Form PS 1.47 in PDF format.


Source: Clarin

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