Santiago Maratea treated Diego Brancatelli as an “idiot” and explained the origin of their confrontation

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In a long note he gave to panache angel to THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 20:00), Santiago Marateaamong the many topics he spoke about, explained the origin of their strong confrontation public with Diego Brancatelli.

The driver asked him about his quarrel with Brancatelli and the influencers He was categorical in his response: “Why do I have it as a son? Because he is an idiot. It’s easy to hit him. He knows it, he works there. I was very angry because a friend had cheated on me. And I said ‘I’m going to take it out on this’ which of course he wants me to deal with him and I was just being available. I went to cure him.”

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“I get attached because I’m capricious”, it was justified. And he explained why he gets angry and always ends up answering him through his social networks, following the media game.

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“There are things that are very scandalous. We all know what Brancatelli works on. Who he comes from, this is what makes me angry. And coming to fence my work with what is my work seems hypocritical of him. But people who aren’t ashamed do these things,” he said, defending his sympathy actions.

And he added, against the reporter’s Argentzuela (C5N): “In his private life and the way he works things out is in a super miserable way, and when he goes out into the street he goes with his finger and lowers the line with a speech that doesn’t even represent him. He is not a very sharp person. He started a business and founded it. And his work as a reporter is always in the places where he says what he has to say.”

Then, when asked about the origin of his quarrel with the official journalist, Santi explained: «The famous operetta, the famous ‘I’m operated on’. They are trying to trend me on Twitter to bring me down or to disparage something I am saying. And that doesn’t stop me, but it puts me in a bad mood. It makes me angry and I can’t believe who it’s from.”

“All the people who are watching are spectators and have more doubts, but between you and me we know the failure here is you“, added, unfiltered.

“It doesn’t slow me down but it puts me in a bad mood. We know that the failure is Brancatelli“, he concluded.

Santi Maratea has expressed his opinion on the murder of Fernando Báez Sosa

Santiago Maratea referred to the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, the young man brutally attacked by a rugby gang and died in 2020 at Villa Gesell. In this sense he spoke of the collection of money that he tried to do for his parents when the trial began a few weeks ago.

“It was born of the people, on Twitter they brought me to the lead. In this case They told me that Fernando’s parents don’t have the money to pay for their place and that his father has lost his job. So I thought: let’s help them stay calm,” he explained.

And he added: “Right there They told me that parents don’t accept anything and that they had already tried. I have contacts with (Fernando) Burlando and he told me the same thing”.

“I spoke to Fernando’s mother five days later. Fernando’s question, like the whole country, saddens me a lot. I have some anxiety about what the sentence will be, I guess a lot of people are like that“, he continued.

And he concluded on this delicate issue: “I understand that all of society is asking for life, but very few of us know how the law works. So I don’t know what will happen. What would leave us all calmer is perpetual. Even for the future, that violence between chabones drunk at night that happens all the time does not continue to be naturalized”.


Source: Clarin

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