Cosquín 2023: La Sole, Raly Barrionuevo and Jorge Rojas put an end to the crack of folklore

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The two stage encounters between Raly Barrionuevo and Jorge Rojas and the visit of La Sole to the Santiago Troubadour space, symbolized this Thursday evening (January 26), during the sixth evening of the 63rd National Folklore Festival of Cosquín, a sort of sealed rift between artists who, since the 2000s, have embodied the renewal of the genre by choosing different aesthetic paths.

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The materialization of these confluences has sown a conciliatory gesture in times of irreconcilable positions in other areas, although it is impossible to hide the weight and orientations of the sound, thematic and ideological choices of each, in these more than two decades of development in the sphere of native music .

“At one point we came from other worlds”, Raly accepted in the press conference after his superb solo performance, thus completing a feeling he had expressed on stage when he said “we always sang together in Cosquín and this can never be missing , never never.”

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Happy and calm both on and under the Atahualpa Yupanqui stage, Barrionuevo brought a music lover’s corner to the Festival surrounded by guitars, a piano, a sound machine and a legüero bass drum and in that sort of living room that defines his musical present , was able to receive both Rojas and Soledad.

The first meeting with the former Los Nocheros (whom he later visited during the closing performance of the singer-songwriter from Neuquén) was in the second part of zamba of you performed by the piano and was crowned by an expansive embrace applauded by the people who gave the most massive frame to date to the 2023 edition.

“The country thanks…”

“Raly, the country thanks you for your music and it was an honor to sing with you”, Rojas greeted him as a bow of that shared moment that was repeated two hours later with Cutral Có on bass drum and with the friend of his left and guitar in hand.

“First we met, then it was a little longer and we began to be together. Under the carob tree of his house, under the carob tree of my house and we met on the street. Now for the first time we will sing in the house of the folklore, in our home, and to share our essence with you,” said Jorge.

With the Saypa Duo’s San Juan Guitars, they shared versions of Loretta mornings Y Chacarera of the stones and adding Manolo Herrera with his guitar-sacha there was a tribute to Elpidio Herrera including just like a wounded bird Y the yacu chiri and, now with the whole gang, the chacareras sign erased Y of those who make you cry in the most folkloric segment of the Rojas recital.

Pop and romantic wrist

That plot marked an exception in the pop and romantic impulse that marks Rojas’ journey and dominated a long recital with about 25 songs (My song, Between thorns and flowers, La yapa, Not knowing you, Forget that I loved you Y Another sin, among them) which lasted until after 4 in the morning, extending the usual closing time of the Festival this year.

Meanwhile, the warm and celebrated crossing of Barrionuevo with Soledad Pastorutti took place in the final stretch of “zamba and watercolor“as he played the requinto and for which she began to sing, included a mischievous gesture from Raly when La Sole sang the verse I want to make love to you in the mornings of Santiago and for the end the one from Arequito greeted by saying “thank you, you honored me”.

“With Jorge we are friends, we visit and cook togetherbut we had never coincided on the same night as Cosquín and what we did with La Sole was a projection of what happens in her house when I go to visit her and, in fact, she has chosen one of my paws for her next album”, Barrionuevo naturalized in front of the accredited media.

“Genuine Encounters”

In this sense, he stressed that “as in other years I invited Mariana Carrizo, José Luis Aguirre or Liliana HerreroNow this was born to me because it doesn’t give me to do things that I don’t like. They are all authentic encounters.”

Returning to the Barrionuevo concert with a repertoire that he put together on the fly, mixing his own desires and those of the audience, it was built in 50 significant minutes divided between autochthonous classics in high-level versions (such as those of Prisoner Moon, Atamis Heart Y My mother’sthe latter especially an anthology).

Among his works he chose The girl on the scaffolding, and we’ll be water (which he dedicated to “all the people who work on why we are in a water emergency”), Creole circus, Chacarera of exile Y Ah, compatriot.

the sixth moon

The sixth moon began by presenting the traditional Cosco poncho to the dancer Juan Saavedra and incorporating Cuyo music for the first time this year by the hand of Pocho Sosa, who displayed his poise accumulated over 60 years by singing and playing melodies, cuecas and cats like Mendoza remains a girl, Commissioner Pa’l, put him in line, El Marucho Y the summitto name a few titles.

Another highlight of a Thursday dominated by the magnetic presence of Rojas and Raly, was the one served by the young novice Maggie Cullen who together with Matías Martino on piano and Ariel Sánchez on percussionamazed the audience.

Just five songs were enough for Cullen to erect a stupendous concept capable of bringing together in his privileged throat some classics that until then had been enormously absent.

Two key authors as Silvio Rodríguez (for a version of I hope thata song that could be used as a better model of a love tease in the boom days of Shakira-Bizarrap’s raunchy planetary hit) and Jorge Fandermole (thanks to I sing verses who started singing a capella).

other woman, Roxana Carabajal of Santiagohe also distinguished himself with an energizing dose of chacareras in a speech in which, moreover, he addressed after waking up, In case I never see you again, Inti Suma And Same attempt.

Sing Priscila Ortiz, score

The vocalist from Rioja Priscilla Ortiz (arrival of Pre Cosquin) with the skilful trio La Turbaneta and the Rosario members of the Karé vocal quartet able to greet the Mapuche people with Arauco has mercy and greet me recovering you For the city that belongs to the city, they defended the section for that approach to the song with integrity.

The grille was completed with the southern decider Adrian Maggia salute to the 99 years that Oscar “Cacho” Valles will celebrate in March (with Cuti and Roberto Carabajal, the Cacace-Aliaga duo, Ángela Irene and the La Ribera Ballet of San Luis before an impressive closing ceremony singing the zamba The partner) and the conceptual setting of couplets of the high road on the north of Córdoba by Alberto Muñoz, Carlos Di Fulvio and a third guitar by Pablo Alessia.

The function of this Friday (27) contemplates Mario Alvarez Quiroga; Alma Carpera; Eduardo Guajardo; Marina Gonzalez; The 4 of Córdoba; Sergio Galleguillo; and El Chaqueño Palavecino.

While The penultimate lunar Saturday will see Leandro Lovato, Nacha Roldán, Laura Molinas – Magalí Juares do “Ciudadanas”, Nahuel Pennisi, Emiliano Zerbini and Soledad Pastorutti.

Source: Telam/Sergio Arboleya

Source: Clarin

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