Few entrepreneurs and many trade unionists and mayors in the act of relaunching Prici Giusti

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This Friday, Economy Minister Sergio Massa relaunched Fair prices, the main tool with which he undertook to lower inflation, which is preparing to end January with a 6% increase.

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While more than 450 companies are participating in the programme, the largest were not present at the event and companies typically sent their managers instead of owners. There was the presence of foreign companies, directors of chambers and a large group of trade unionists.

Among those who attended the meeting of the CCK were, according to information released by official sources, the number one in Amazonia Web Services (Lorraine Zicker) and the State ARSAT (Facundo Leal), which has developed new software to control prices.

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Among the Argentine companies, Lucía Urquía, director of Aceitera General Deheza (AGD), Daniel Awada (CEO of cheeky), Guillermo Calcagno (general manager of Keep); Aldo Dal Santo (president of the bicycle factory of the Saint; Mariano Navilli, of Canuelas Mills; Melcon Tertzkian (Tecotex FITA); Alex Exersiyan (Fita Ritex), Hernan Grimoldi (GrimoldYo); Martin Schwartz (President of the motorcycle manufacturer Grupo Simpa); Enrico Gatti Rappallini (Alberdi ceramics) and José Luis Alonso (CEO of IATEC/Mirgor).

And among the branches of international companies was Julio Freyre, president of the brewery UCC; Pablo Lemo, CEO Adidas; Takashi Fuisaki and Diego Cohelo (both of Honda) and Emilio Larrañaga (Alpek).

There is also a large presence of sector chamber owners who are part of the price agreement. Thus, in the CCK was seen Daniel Funes de Rioja (CupL); Eduardo Lapidus, Secretary General of AFARTE (manufacturers of electronics in Tierra del Fuego); Juan Vasco Martinez, President of AT HIS (supermarkets); Víctor Fera, owner of Maxiconsumo and president of EVERY M (wholesalers); Gustavo Lázzari, of the Chamber of charred and owner of a sausage factory, as well as a former candidate for legislature; and Fabian Tarrio, from I CAME.

Trade unionists were not only among the guests. Hector Daer, secretary of the CGT, was one of the speakers. He was accompanied by Charles Acuna (CGT); Hugo Benítez, of the Association of Textile Workers; Cristian Jerónimo (glass workers); José Minaberrigaray (textile employees).

The mayors of Pilar, Federico Achával, and Florencio Varela, Andrés Watson also took part in the act.


Source: Clarin

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