Record parity: the hierarchical union AFIP obtained a salary increase of more than 260%

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The hierarchical corporation of the AFIP achieved a historic improvement in the wages of its workers this Friday after obtaining a raise of more than 260% in the fees of judicial collaborators.

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It’s a raise documentation This was announced by the head of the higher personnel union of the Federal Public Revenue Administration (Upsafip)Julius Estevez, who celebrated the news.

The same was known through a statement in which the union leader underlined that “Upsafip celebrates after obtaining a record salary improvement for judicial debt collectors”.

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As described in the document, this is a milestone achieved after months of struggle and almost on the verge of calling a nationwide strike in the organization.

“The authorities have finally recognized a historic salary increase in the fees received by tax agents for judicial collection in the agency, which resulted in a recomposition of more than 260 percent,” informed the beneficiaries.

In this sense, he underlined: “Furthermore -the data- will be updated quarterly because it is linked to the value of the UMA (Tariff Unit) determined by the law on lawyers’ professional fees”, he said.

Estévez, who is a member of the national board of directors of the 62 Peronist trade union organizations, stressed that this historic recomposition has meant that a maximum fixed quota of 14,000 pesos today exceeds 36,000 pesos.

“This too will be updated on a quarterly basis. There are no precedents in the world of state trade unions for such a result in favor of workers,” said Beatriz Magliocchi, secretary of the judicial police section of the trade union body.

“The unprecedented increase partially realigned how much each AFIP attorney receives for their assignments and prevented inflation-driven deterioration due to them being tied to an upgradeable value,” the leader said.

In this sense, he stressed that with this improvement, the AFIP is providing “a positive message to society which makes the immense effort to pay taxes in a timely manner”.

“Previously, the defaulter who went to court and delayed paying his tax obligations with brutal inflation was rewarded with a non-existent legal cost, so the decision is fair for the taxman and the taxpayer,” he stressed.

Ultimately, Estevez concluded that the wage increase for the industry averted “an imminent nationwide law enforcement strike, to be determined at a meeting of franchisees on the 22nd,” which was rendered ineffective by the “accurate reaction of the AFIP authority”.

Source: Telam

Source: Clarin

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