Revolution in the NBA: Fans can now “substitute” players in the middle of the game

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THE NBA has an app with over 10 million downloads that allows you, among a wide range, to watch live games on the calendar, both in the regular phase and in the postseason. It’s nothing new, but despite this, the NBA All-Star Tech Summit, as part of the All-Star Game weekend to be held in Salt Lake City, served to present its new version in a theater, with an audience and with live streaming. What more could you offer? Well, no one could have imagined it. Because it’s a revolutionary feature.

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The commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, the famous sports commentator called to the stage Ahmad Rashadwho was a football player in the 70s, and asked him to stand in the center with his arms slightly outstretched, while he seemed to film him from all possible angles with his cell phone.

“I’m going to scan your body,” she told him as she circled him and a giant screen showed a series of horrific vertical and horizontal lines that wrapped around Rashad, who did his part as a “guinea pig” and stood still as the audience watched.

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Silver walked around it, recorded it in a 360-degree turn, stopped in front of the face, observed its features and didn’t explain anything else. With the phone in his pocket, he invited Rashad to watch the screen with the audience and explained what was about to happen.

There was a game between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers. “You are now in the avatar. Do you see the players turning red? Now let’s choose Horton Tucker,” said the commissioner, as the escort was seen in the painted area. “You’ll show up, making his own moves,” he predicted.

After a second of suspense, Tucker transformed into Rashad, just as he was dressed on stage. He seemed to teleport. In full view, he was the commentator playing instead of the basketball player preparing to deliver a spectacular dunk. All with a level of realism similar to that of the most believable video games.

Here's how you can play with the new NBA application.  photo capture

Here’s how you can play with the new NBA application. photo capture

The NBA app is free to use and features a special effect that the movie industry has paid millions and millions of dollars for for years.

Source: Clarin

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