Cards: Merchants will no longer give out the coupon for purchases under $15,000

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merchants they will no longer deliver the printed ticket or coupon Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card for purchases under $15,000. If the customer requests it, the company can send the receipt by email via Posnet.

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The new provision was reported by Payway, Prisma’s means of payment platform. “By digitizing receipts, we seek to improve both the cashier and merchant’s collections experience and that of their customers. This simplifies the entire payment process and the merchant can check their sales from the terminal or from My Payway,” explained Lucas Gracia, Product Manager at Payway.

When recharging, the merchant shows the amount entered in the terminal to the customer, who approaches his card to make payment with contactless cards (NFC) or inserts the chip into the device. Then the merchant selects the “send by email” option, writes the customer’s email address and taps “send”.

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The customer will receive the voucher in the email indicated with the payment details. It is no longer necessary to print the receipt for the customer to sign.

All receipts are displayed both on the smart terminal (POS) and on the My Payway portal. Through the portal, the merchant can track his sales and re-share the receipts with his customers. “This initiative optimizes time and resources and helps reduce the use of paper,” said Payway.

In addition, the My Payway portal allows you to check and monitor the status of sales and collection dates, manage new services, create and share payment links and generate interoperable QRs, among other features.

Fiserv, which competes with Prisma, also has this system for small purchases, although its use is optional.

Prisma also owns Banelco (ATM network) and PagoMisCuentas (electronic payment of taxes and services).

Source: Clarin

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