Basic basket: a family needs 177,062 pesos not to be poor, 8.3% more in a month

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A typical family needs 177,062 pesos with 87 cents not to be considered poor, according to INDEC data on basic and total food baskets released on Thursday. The data reveals a high rise from month to month: it is 8.3% what was measured in February, compared to January. Likewise, they are 80,483 pesos must exceed the limit of poverty.

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The data adds to the high inflation figure that was revealed on Tuesday: 6.6% for February and a cumulative year-over-year of 102.5%.

The basic food basket (CBA), which defines the poverty line, also marked an 11.7% increase in February, for which this family requested $80,483 to cover its basic needs to survive.

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Similarly, INDEC established that in February 2023, the variation of baskets – both in their monthly and interim measurement -, they were above the inflation ratewhich increased respectively by 6.6% and 102.5%.

Specifically, the CBA accumulated an increase of 115.1% in the last 12 months; while CBT went up 111.3% during the same period; and accumulate increases of 19.8% and 16.1% respectively in the first two months of the year, the agency specified.

It is clear that the acceleration of food inflation, which has reached 9.8% in the second month of the year, has had its effect on the total basic food basket, which is precisely what establishes the poverty line. The increase is mainly due to the impact of the prices of meat and derivatives, milk, dairy products and eggs.

The increases in fruit also had an impact, albeit to a lesser extent, for seasonal reasons and in the midst of the severe drought that impacts production.

In a selection of foods, drinks and other products for the GBA carried out by INDEC, the greatest increases were recorded in: oranges (72.4%), common minced meat (35%), rump (34.3%), shoulder (33.5%), rump (32.8%), roast (28.6%), white rice (14.6%), egg (13.2%) and sweet potato (13%).

Meanwhile, the only declines recorded were the round tomato (-18.7%), the potato (-2.4%) and the onion (-0.2%).

The basic food basket (CBA) was determined taking into account the kilocalorie and protein regulatory requirements indispensable for an adult male aged between 30 and 60, of moderate activity, to cover these requirements for a month.

The foods and quantities were selected on the basis of the consumption habits of the population on the basis of the information provided by the National Survey on Household Spending.

The products that make up this basket are: bread, crackers, rice, wheat flour, noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar, pulses, meat, milk and eggs, among others.

Meanwhile, to determine the total basic basket (CBT), the basic food basket is expanded to include non-food goods and services in the measurement, including the cost of transportation, electricity and gas, among others.

In the last twelve months, the most important leap recorded by the food basket was in August last year, when the indicator recorded an increase of 9.5%, while the total basic basket rose by 9% on that occasion .

Source: Clarin

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