Earnings and personal assets: the AFIP has published on its website the guides for completing the annual liquidations

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The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) has posted an application on its website for taxpayers to fill out Personal Income and Wealth forms. It is a matter of arranging the annual settlement of both taxes for the 2022 tax period. In both cases, the deadline will apply for the presentation of the deed of notoriety and the payment from 12 to 14 June 2023.

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For the first time, the preparation of these instructions has been agreed the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (FACPCE).

This way the services web “Earnings of human persons – Integrated portal” and “Personal wealth web” can be used for the preparation of the annual settlement of both taxes.

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Among the main innovations that AFIP has incorporated through this initiative, which responds to a request from accountants, is predictive search for items quickly identify the field where to provide the information, the automatic loading (via data import) of the advances corresponding to the tax on debts and credits on bank current accounts in the sworn declaration of personal income taxes and a specific element for declaring digital currencies, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies and the like.

Moreover, the “Training expenses” field has been added. so that taxpayers can apply the Irpef deduction for expenses for services and tools for educational purposes.

For their part, private domestic employers may deduct the amount paid as a non-remunerative allowance from income tax.

“In the case of an affidavit of Profits, the same must be carried out by the members even when no taxable amount is determined for the tax period and by those who are required to pay the tax given the taxability balances established by the legislation , even when they had not requested registration before the expiry date set to comply with the obligation to determine and register”, explained by Afip. And they added: “The same obligation applies to the administrators of undivided property for the profits obtained by them”..

From the organization led by Carlos Castagneto they underlined that “in a historical event during the month of January and in advance the AFIP made available to the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (FACPCE) both applications to be tested, offering them the opportunity to make contributions, suggest adjustments or report any drawbacks to be taken into account for the final version of both web systems”.

In this way, an old statement of the Federation regarding the fact that historically applications were made available on dates close to expirationwhich did not allow to solve problems related to its operation.

Within the AFIP site you can find explanatory videos on how the procedures are carried outas well as articles with the detailed step by step of each of the processes that must be performed to make the respective self-declarations.


Source: Clarin

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