Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this March 22, minute by minute

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the blue dollar it increased by 8 pesos to $394its higher nominal value, in what seems to reflect the growing tension on exchange rates and the uncertainty due to the sharp decline in reserves in this first part of the year.


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New in development

Due to the loss of reserves, Sergio Massa uses ANSeS bonds in dollars

Pressed by lack of reserves and inflation, the government will launch a combination of measures on Wednesday to concentrate the management of dollar bonds in the hands of the public sector and contain the escalation of the dollar. The Ministry of Economy will publish a decree this Wednesday that will oblige public entities to sell their holdings in bonds denominated in dollars, both those with foreign legislation (global) and those with local legislation (AL).

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Today it is estimated that there are more than 100 government agencies with a stock of dollar-denominated bonds with a face value of $35 billion. In the ranking, the Central Bank and the Anses Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) stand out. The idea is that the public sector exchanges its global foreign law bonds (GD) with the Treasury in exchange for peso instruments and, on the other hand, sells Bonares (AL), which the companies use to acquire CCL. To know more.

The blue dollar rises by 8 pesos and reaches 394 dollars

The US currency in the parallel market set a new record this Tuesday and closed its price at $394.

This is up $8 from Monday’s close when it was trading at $386.

Source: Clarin

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