The government has asked the judiciary to ban Edesur’s leadership from leaving the country

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Through Walter Martello, head of the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ENRE), the Government has asked the Justice to prevent people from leaving the country of the nine executives who make up the leadership of the company Edesur.

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The official made the presentation this Wednesday, in the case being processed in Comodoro Py, in the competent court of Giuliano Ercolini.

According to the extension of the complaint presented by Martello, the Government believes that Edesur “has intentionally lost its operational capability“and for this he accuses his top management of intentionally “frustrate” the electric servicehit during the last heat wave that occurred in March and left thousands of users in the dark.

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Regard another escalation of tension between the government and the concessionaire electricity, which was criminally charged for the consequences of the blackouts and also intervened in the administrative office, as announced by the Minister of the Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Undersecretary for Energy, Flavia Royón.

Martello himself was the first to announce and formalize last Friday, March 17, the criminal complaint that fell after the relative tie in court which Ercolini substitutes. There, the controller of the electric utility regulator accused the company of the figures of “fraud, abandonment in person and the obstruction of public services.

In the new judicial attack, the arguments of the massist official for the request against the operational management of the company -owned by the Italian group Enel- are based on “a fact of unusual institutional gravity“, for which he suggested that justice should “make certain certain procedural precautions for the issuance of the provision for the prohibition of leaving the country” of the aforementioned directors.

“It will be said that they have not yet been charged or investigated,” Martello anticipated, according to the text of his judicial presentation to which he consented. clarion. And he went further: he warned that some of the accused “are people with high purchasing power who have all the elements and possibilities available to be able to leave the country and escape justice”.

According to the official argument, the precautionary measure aims to “prevent any attempt by an individual to achieve impunity” and “avoid the risk that, in this case, the defendants could frustrate the action of justice by being absent from the country”.

“We recall that everyone knows the fact that motivates this complaint: the repeated power outages, a service that the EDESUR company was supposed to provide, whose top representatives are those reported today, which upset the whole societythey hindered a public service and led to the abandonment of people”, he pointed out.

And in a very harsh tone, Martello allowed himself rash comparisons. “Justice cannot delay any moment in making a decision like this, otherwise it could happen that they have fled the country as happened then with the attack on the Embassy and the Mutua AMIAwhere the suspects were able to travel abroad without any problems and were never brought to justice,” he added.

The government’s escalation against Edesur

The government’s first attack on Edesur came last Friday, March 17, when he presented a Penal complaint against the electricity concessionaire due to the aftermath of massive power outages experienced in the midst of a record heatwave.

The controller of the National Electricity Regulatory Agency (ENRE), Walter Martello, revealed that the reported offenses were “Fraud due to interruption of agreed rights (Article 173, paragraph 11, Criminal Code); abandonment of people (art. 106 criminal code) e Obstruction of public services (art. 194 criminal code)”.

Jorge Ferraresi, mayor of Avellaneda, new administrative controller of Edesur.

Jorge Ferraresi, mayor of Avellaneda, new administrative controller of Edesur.

Three days later, the government went one step further and decided to Edesur’s “administrative” intervention. After a meeting between the Minister of the Economy, Sergio Massa; of the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón, and Walter Martello, it was decided to advance “in an “administrative intervention to Supervise the provision of the service and the investment works“.

The mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi, was chosen to fill the position of controller. Although he is known for his adherence to the ranks of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchnerthe mayors of the southern suburbs have asked that “one of them” participate in Edesur’s decisions.

Source: Clarin

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