US father sentenced to 8 months in prison after being framed for daughter’s murder tragically dies in accident

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Kevin Fox photographed with his 3-year-old daughter. NBC Chicago Youtube Capture

An American man who was released after serving eight months in prison for the murder of his 3-year-old daughter died in vain in a car accident.

On the 21st (local time), CBS and NBC broadcasting in the United States reported that Kevin Fox (46), who caused controversy in American society, had died.

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According to reports, Fox was driving a vehicle on a two-lane highway in Arkansas on the 20th and collided head-on with a vehicle that was invading the center line from the other side. Both Fox and the driver of the other vehicle died at the scene shortly after the accident.

Fox is the central figure in the controversial 2004 murder of a 3-year-old girl in the United States. In June of that year, Fox’s 3-year-old daughter, Riley, went missing from her home and was found dead in a nearby creek hours later. She was confirmed to have been murdered after Riley was raped.

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The U.S. investigative authorities continued to investigate Fox, the biological father, as a prime suspect. After an investigation that lasted several months, authorities said they had “accidentally hit her daughter’s head against a door, which resulted in her death.” Afterwards, I received a confession to the effect of abandoning her body to decorate her abduction.”

This resulted in Fox serving eight months in prison. He later appealed, saying, “I made a false confession because of the coercive investigation,” and was cleared of false charges thanks to a belated DNA analysis. The DNA found on Riley’s body did not match Fox’s. A federal appeals court acquitted Fox on the basis of this evidence.

Kevin Fox has won his case against the authorities.  NBC Chicago Youtube CaptureKevin Fox has won his case against the authorities. NBC Chicago Youtube Capture

Fox later filed a lawsuit against the investigating authorities and was awarded an 8 million dollar (approximately 10.4 billion won) compensation judgment. He reportedly moved to Arkansas and started his new family.

Investigative authorities caught the real culprit ‘Scott Abbey’ only in 2010, six years after the incident. Evie, who had a history of theft, confessed to committing the crime while under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. He goes in to rob Fox’s house, but sees his sleeping Riley and states that he accidentally kidnapped him. He is serving a sentence of life imprisonment.

Kathleen Zellner, who was Fox’s legal representative, tweeted on the 21st, “My condolences to his family and everyone who loved him. Rest in peace for the deceased,” she said.

“His life was short and tragic,” Zellner said. “Nevertheless, he lived an amazing life,” he said. “He was a kind and warm person.”

Source: Donga

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