Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this March 27, minute by minute

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He the blue dollar opens a new foreign exchange wheel this Monday after the long weekend, in the midst of market uncertainty due to the exchange of securities in dollars for paper in pesos ordered by public entities.


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“The greatest drought of the last 100 years”: Sergio Massa has anticipated new measures for the countryside

The Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, anticipated that his area is working on a new program of incentives for agricultural exports and underlined the impact on inflation of the “greatest drought in the last 100 years” in the country.

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“We are facing the most severe drought since rainfall logging and soil moisture monitoring began in 1922, affecting our producers,” the minister said in conversation with Radio Mitre.. To know more.

Debt Swap Gives Government Firepower of $3.5 Billion: Can It Contain the Free Dollar?

While waiting for more technical definitions on the dollar debt swap announced last week by the Ministry of the Economy, fears persist on the market that this could affect the two specific objectives pursued by the Government: the control of the gap and the increase in loans in pesos.

After a wave of indiscretions, reports, own criticisms and those of others, the instrumentation of the exchange would be known during the week. In the Municipality they are skeptical about the impact that this measure can really have on the financial front and warn that it is a move “too expensive” for the economy. To know more.

Source: Clarin

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