Securities trading: UBA will carry out the audit and the opinion could be ready in three weeks

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The government will have to wait between two and three weeks to start the bond swap which remained in the sights of economists and the opposition. This is the time it could take for the audit entrusted to the UBA to determine whether the operation could cause damage to the assets of ANSeS or other public bodies.

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The Faculty of Economics agreed to issue an opinion after receiving the formal request from the Economy Ministry on Tuesday. “The audit request arrived today and we will do it, the opinion will be ready in two to three weeks once we agree with the Economy”they confirmed from the house of studies.

The minister revealed a few days ago that he wants to move forward on this path and spoke Friday evening with the vice-rector of the UBA, Emiliano Yacobitti. Although the radical leader preferred that the evaluation go through Congress, he finally gave the green light.

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Before going to the US to seek more assistance from the IMF, yesterday evening Massa sent a request for a technical opinion to the Chamber of Studies and to the General Audit Office of the Nation (Agn), both controlled by the UCR.

Economia thus aims to clarify the suspicions that afflicted the exchange, without going through Congress, since the opposition is trying to repeal the decrees and has filed a criminal complaint for “emptying” the AnSeS Sustainability Guarantee Fund (Fgs).

“In this sense, the FCE-UBA informs that, attentive to its institutional responsibility, it will accept the request of the Minister of the Economy and will answer your questions in a technical, rigorous and independent way, as it has always done on every occasion in which its participation has been requested by public or private bodies”.

However, the Chamber of Studies clarified that “in institutional terms, it is not up to the UBA to rule on the convenience or otherwise of the economic policy decisions adopted by the competent authorities”.

Instead, the Faculty indicated that “the consultations carried out do not cover the set of operations or the totality of the potential impacts of the same requested evaluation, the scope of which has been discussed in various media since the announcement of the provision. “

“The report that the FCE-UBA will issue, consequently, it will not imply an opinion on such transactions and their potential consequencesfor which, as mentioned, he was not consulted”, reads the press release.

In this context, the authorities added that “properly, where they deem it appropriate, professors, researchers, research centers and institutes of the Faculty can express judgments on these other aspects not included in the consultations carried out by the Minister of Economy” .

“These judgments will naturally be expressed in a personal capacity by those who issue them, and will undoubtedly become a relevant input to a wider public debate on economic policy decisions related to the matter in question,” the statement concluded.

Source: Clarin

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