The best and worst of this Big Brother, which swept the rating in 2022 and 2023

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That Big Brother is a success shouldn’t be news. AND a Dutch format released 24 years ago and tested -and highly approved- in many countries. What is striking about this tenth Argentinian edition which has just lowered the blinds – with peaks that have exceeded 30 rating points – is that It happens on open television in the stasis.

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Marcelo Tinelli didn’t work with his parents sing with me nowthe screen did not wake up with the return of Mirta Legrand at 95, Susana Giménez did not have the courage to introduce herselfthe national narrative has been noted for its (almost) absence, few products have come out and, suddenly, an old successful formula that changed the future of the audiovisual championship is dusted offat least in the league of the three G’s: Although the stream squirms, open TV showed that he can still like and beat.

And this has reached the Big Brother who has just consecrated champion Marcos Ginocchio of Salta, in front of Nacho Castanares and of Juliet Poggiothe other finalists.

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You could just stay with the strength of the rating that positioned it as the most watched last year and so far this year. He made his debut on October 17 with 21.5 points, reached his floor with 15.7, reached his maximum with 28.5 in the final and, after more than five months, closed with an average of 20.2 points.

Marcos, the last to leave the house, already at dawn this Tuesday.

Marcos, the last to leave the house, already at dawn this Tuesday.

As much as the Networks insisted for weeks that Marcos had won, anticipation to see how the podium would play out The needle warmed up this Monday to peaks of 30.9… A TV from the good old days. But not only a program lives on ratings: it also depends on the content (one thing does not always affect the other). Let’s see a The five best and the worst of this reality show on Telefe.

The best

1. The Alfa & Romina duo

Of the 20 participants, they managed to stand out, especially when forming a pair that he painted as unbeatable. Out of empathy, because they are two of the oldest in the house (he turned 61 in the middle of the race), out of chemistry and affection built on the strength of coexistence, they formed a couple who knew how to take the reins of imprisonment.

Alpha and Romina, a different couple in the game.

Alpha and Romina, a different couple in the game.

They understood each other wonderfully, contained each other and, for many, they officiated as the “parents” of the game. Their take-off platform was the kitchen – they always cooked and cooked deliciously, according to the diners. And they washed and tidied up. The weight of experience added to them, but the difference was made with the back and forth between them.

Until one day Alpha (by far the most televised character of all) He told her something about his gambling and his daughters and the crisis began. AND we all lost, speaking on television. Besides the fact that he left too early to the detriment of the cycle. The rating has dropped: to the point that they have invented an excuse to bring it back.

And he returned not once, but twice: and, the second time, to witness the playful wedding of Julieta, Nacho and Marcos, and ended up being the boyfriend… to ask Romina to marry him.

2. The dynamics of the program

Between elimination galas, nomination galas, debates, intimate relationships and the night of the ex -satellite shipping office-, Big Brother was, for the first time, seven days on the television screen. And all content powered by stream from PlutoTV.

This rhythm, well sustained, invites the spectator’s loyalty.

3. The style of Santiago del Moro

At the last gala, Del Moro took off his shirt to wear blue and white, for pure euphoria.

At the last gala, Del Moro took off his shirt to wear blue and white, for pure euphoria.

For him they were not the “brave” From Soledad Silveira nor the “little brothers” From George Rial. they were “Players”some participants to whom decided to contain with permanent inputs through a television mounted in the living roomand with two visits to the house.

Despite the fact that sometimes there are released more information about the “out”, He knew how to balance himself on that finite line between real life and reality. You saw him, in those five months or so, as if on tiptoe in the doorway. And, from that pirouette, he came out very well.

He glowed with energy, with the timing to lead whatever gala it was, he made use of his experience intractable to manage to put order in some frantic debates and was consolidated as one of a tv’s off-road racers in need of motivators.

And he has also shown commitment, as he reflected the other night when he wanted to clarify his position with respect to the Jey Mammón case: “I don’t have a pious look” (in matters of child abuse).

4. Building walls with nets and streams

Taking advantage of the technological times that run, the channel decided not to stay comfortable with the traditional format of an open reality TV show, but has already taken advantage of Pluto TV’s permanent content own life that the program has generated on Twitter, Twitch or Instagram.

He has thrown walls with one and the other and, many times, he has triangulated to the benefit of the production, the participants and the audience. The fandom of Marcos, Julieta or Nacho, to name a few, grateful. be at home, many “gamers” have exceeded one million followers on Instagram.

5. Perfume “Happy Sunday”.

The year is 2023. And, from time to time, the atmosphere in the studio during the nominations or elimination galas smelled of 70s and 80s TV. For those of us who saw it, she was reminiscent of the good old days of Happy Sundaywith participants playing, with a driver in the center of the study e a euphoric grandstand.

No need for encrypted messages or state of the art screens, people were holding a homemade cartoon written with love and fanaticism, and yelled “Take it”, a classic of Silvio Soldán’s emblematic student program. The picnic in the stands and the “Let’s see, let’s see how he wags his tail…”.


1. Revolving door

Rodolfo, Nacho's father, was one of the relatives who stayed for 15 days.  He even opened his own hair salon there.

Rodolfo, Nacho’s father, was one of the relatives who stayed for 15 days. He even opened his own hair salon there.

Although the rules of the format are elastic, this tenth edition it sinned in excess of the resource of carrying people and complicating isolation. Until the entry of the two repechages (Camila and Ariel), towards the end of the year, or the return of three exes (La Tora, Agustín and Daniela) there wasn’t much to say about it.

But after six relatives came in for a few dayswhich in several cases lasted two weeks, then Alpha has returned with a very unclear mission (more in need of an assessment than a justification for the game), later they were more familiar to the four finalistsanother day the house has been reopened for one of Marcos’ brothers who lives in the United States, therefore the first three eliminated have returned for a week, then all for the “wedding”.

And, a long time before, the two puppies, Mora and Caramelo, had arrived by surprise. to all of that the two visits by Del Moro are added.

as he says Nobodyby Omero Manzi,”That door has opened for your passage…” and also for those who pass.

2. Longer isn’t always better

He Big Brother longest in history it was held in Germany and lasted 365 days. Of course, compared to that mark, this local edition’s 162 seems insignificant, but there have been several moments this season where the loop seemed to puncture. AND videos about “the interior” have become lighter and lighter.

Maybe some characters are gone too quickly they knew how to revive the shadows of coexistence, like Coty or Alfa. And then it seemed that nothing had happened. AND, more than once nothing happened.

Of course, if the numbers are good, we understand the need to continue to get the most out of the golden orange. But the risk was not small. Maybe that opening of doors is explained there so that new people come in and Something interesting happens on television.

There were moments of boredom on television, with forced polemics or tapes showing puppies minute by minute, who knew how to play more than the players left on the field. It would have lasted three or four months, but no one imagined this public phenomenon.

3. Intrigues that were deflating fast

The suitcase that Alfa brought home had been closed for almost 20 days.  Thousands of theories have been woven.  Inside was an advertisement for the new GH.

The suitcase that Alfa brought home had been closed for almost 20 days. Thousands of theories have been woven. Inside was an advertisement for the new GH.

“Oh, was that it?”. That question was heard more than once inside the house and was often read on the net as soon as a mystery posed by the production through Del Moro was revealed.

That what was inside Alfa’s suitcaseThat what did the dreaded red envelopes containThat who did the spontaneousThat what punishment is there for such (not always all measured with the same rod), which one What prize is there for the family member chosen by the public…

TV knows how to thrive on intrigue, riddles and enigmatic play. But, on several occasions, the tension sought collapsed in front of the evidence. Tension is one thing and another thing is that the string cuts without even scissors.

4. A casting under discussion

In the first four or five eliminations, the ejects tried to explain why they were eliminated so quickly. AND hit him “I made a mistake”. or with him “My game is not understood”.

Era characters who have not performed on television, not even when they have had the opportunity to returnas in the case of Juan or Martina, among others.

5. Sponsors kill the need

One of the challenges of the format is getting by with what is there, without the possibility of going to the Chinese shop, the kiosk, or having an overcrowded refrigerator. For this reason, a budget management challenge was launched every week: if the test was successful, they had a good amount of “money” to go to the flea market set up in the studio.

They rarely got a full budget. But They never reached hunger or avarice on reservationsas sponsors have entered their products based on everything: What pizzas, what beer, what burgers, what fruit juices…

We already know that this is a game, that it is television and so on any format can be customized. But, on some points, it might be better to guarantee the ABC of the parent product: coexistence, social and technological isolation and the need at the time of the scarcity of resources.

Bonus track

Registrations are open for the eleventh edition of this format which is back -21 years after its premiere in Argentina- in shine on a TV where the usual stars are dull.

Source: Clarin

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