Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this March 30, minute by minute

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After days with an upward trend, the blue dollar closed this Wednesday four pesos up to $393while the official ended up at $215 on sale.


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New in development

The government has advanced taxes on imports and added another cash to raise $1 billion

Overwhelmed by the lack of reserves and the collapse of funding in a context of slowdown in activity, the Government entered another box this Wednesday with a provision that suspends benefits for importers and establishes a sort of advance withholding tax for raise $1 billion, the equivalent of half a month’s worth of money.

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The official move immediately set off alarms in the foreign trade and business sectors, where they described it as an exchequer’s advance “harvesting” in the midst of a drought, a tightening of inventories in the face of foreign currency shortages and a barrel of gasoline on inflation already exceeding 100% year-over-year. To know more.

The blue dollar closed at $393 on Wednesday

The US currency in the parallel market fell by four pesos on Wednesday. In the last wheel it had jumped seven pesos to $397.

The official closed the sale at $215, as published by Banco Nación, 50 cents higher than the previous day.

Source: Clarin

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