The health of Pope Francis: they are treating him with antibiotics for “respiratory infection” and in the Vatican they are already preparing “plan B” for Easter

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On the tenth floor of the main building of the Gemelli Catholic Hospital, in the apartment reserved exclusively for the popes and always ready for any eventuality, Pope Francis, 85, spent A quiet nightunidentified sources informed the press.

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The diagnosis is the respiratory infection and antibiotic treatment will last a few days. Doctors rule out heart problems and pneumonia.

It has also been ruled out that Francisco was contaminated by covid-virus.

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Holy Week without the Pope

The Vatican is hastily preparing plan B for Holy Week, which includes ceremonies without the Pope’s participation.

The Pope is on the 10th floor of the Roman clinic, reserved for popes.  Photo: EFE

The Pope is on the 10th floor of the Roman clinic, reserved for popes. Photo: EFE

Easter is the most important time of the year for the Church. The liturgical master of ceremonies, Monsignor Diego Ravelli, made immediate contact with the cardinals who could replace Francis if necessary.

An Argentinian as a substitute

Even the Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri was chosen to celebrate Mass on Palm Sunday, April 2, in St. Peter’s Square.

Sandri is Prefect Emeritus of the Dicastery for the Oriental Churches and Vice Dean of the College of Cardinals. This year he will turn 80 and will lose the status of cardinal elector in the conclave that will elect the new pontiff.

Jorge Bergoglio presided over the usual Wednesday general audience on Wednesday. Although he continued to speak until the end, blessing the faithful and even making the last tour of St. Peter’s Square in the Popemobile, which he climbed with great difficulty, during the hearing he gave several times signs of suffering and difficulty.

emergency hospitalization

After returning to his lodgings in the Casa de Santa Marta, the internal hotel of the Vatican where he is staying, the Pope’s conditions worsened.

for what is known showed breathing difficulties and also chest pains, which alarmed the Vatican doctors who advised your transfer urgently to the Gemelli hospital, where he was taken by ambulance.

A Vatican statement limited itself to informing that the Pope had gone to the polyclinic of the Catholic University of Rome to have “already scheduled checks”.

The Pope was interned and taken directly in the area of ​​heart diseasein which a tomography showed it there was no disturbance of his heart.

Other analyzes and tests led the doctors to conclude that what was detected was a respiratory infection, which was immediately started to be treated with antibiotics.

The Pope had undergone lung surgery in our country when he was 23 years old. He suffered from three cysts which forced him to suffer surgery on one of the lung lobes. Bergoglio has fully recovered.


Source: Clarin

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