Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this March 31st, minute by minute

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The blue dollar started the wheel this Thursday with a drop of two pesos, to $391, but rallied by the close and finished at $393. Meanwhile, cash with cash, the way companies use to become dollars, has once again breached the $400 barrier.


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New in development

IMF board meets to approve new reserve targets and disburse $5.3 billion

The executive committee of the International Monetary Fund will analyze this Friday in Washington the fourth revision of the program with Argentina, which foresees an easing of the future reserve target because the government cannot reach it. Everything indicates that the way will be paved for a new disbursement – about 5.3 billion dollars – but the comments of the member countries are anxiously awaited, in a context of severe drought and dramatic shortage of dollars. To know more.

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The blue dollar closed on Thursday at $393

After a drop earlier in the day, the price closed on Thursday at the same level as on Wednesday: $393 for sale and $389 for purchase.

As for the official dollar, the selling price was $215.5, while for the purchase it closed at $207.5.

Source: Clarin

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