Prepaid: commissions rise to 4.76% in May

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From today, private medicine affiliates will begin to be notified by prepaid companies – they must do so at least 30 days in advance – that in May the tax increase will be 3.43% or 4.76% depending on income which they declare from 1 to 20 April via web before the Superintendence of Health Services.

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For owners and co-owners receiving net (out-of-pocket) income of less than 6 Minimum, Living and Mobile Salaries (SMVM) – $417,000 – the share increase is 3.43%equal to 90% of the change in formal wages according to the RIPTE (Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers) which in January was 3.81% Those earning more than 6 minimum wages (SMVM), share value increases by 4.76%according to the change in the Health Cost Index.

A few days ago, the Cabinet Office communicated to the National Congress that in the case of households, the owners and co-owners must declare all their incomes and that “it will be enough for only one of them to fill in the deed of notoriety, contemplating both incomes . It must be understood as including all the income that the holders have in the corresponding month, which contributes to their ability to pay the fee. There is no case of “acceptance” of the affidavit.”

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By January, Approximately 351,303 had this procedure performed and as of February 336,953 private practitioners.

The Health Cost Index combines the evolution of the costs of medicines (12.2%) according to a list prepared by the Ministry of Health, medical supplies (17.2%), salaries fixed by parities (52.4%) and general expenses (18.2%) , prepared by the Superintendence of Health Services.

In this way the quotas do not vary equally for all affiliates, but a segmentation is applied, with the exception of the April increase – of 2.36% – which is applied equally to all because the health index was lower than the 90% of the increase in RIPTE. .

Between January and Maythose who have fewer than 6 SMVMs will accrue a 24.7% increase. and those of 33.5% higher income.

This dividing line in the setting of the increases – which went from bimonthly to monthly – of the quotas was fixed at the beginning of November with the decree 743/2022 Then, on the one hand, the December increase of 13.8% was doubled , to 6.9% in December and another 6.9% in January and the new criteria for the increase in quotas were set “for a period of 18 months”.

Then in February, the increase was 4.91% or 8.21%. In March 5.04% or 7.66%, in April 2.36% all equally. And in May by 3.81% or 4.76%,

For their part, prepaid medical institutions and obras sociales must increase the values ​​of medical assistance benefits provided to beneficiaries of prepaid and obras sociales by clinics, sanatoriums and professionals by at least 90% of the percentage of increase their income based on the taxes received.

Meanwhile, due to the increased informality and rising costs of health plans The population that has the coverage of social assistance or private medicine is decreasing.

With this increase, an average family plan for a married couple with 2 minor children It could fluctuate between $90,000 and $110,000 in May monthly. And month to month they will continue to vary depending on whether they exceed 6 SMVM or not.

It is estimated that the sector (the sum of prepaid plus Obras Sociales del Personnel Management) has 6 million beneficiaries (owner and family group) of which 20% are volunteers or “pure direct”) and the rest correspond to workers who draw their contributions to a social work which has an agreement with the prepaid card.


Source: Clarin

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