Knowledge economy: “Argentina is very competitive in costs and talent”

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Also conceived as a leisure space, the Accenture building in Parque Patricios, with areas named after the neighborhoods and decorated according to the characteristics of that neighborhood, is presented as a meeting point.

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There are those who are dedicated to reviewing companies and those who design video games with different ages. There you breathe that air of unstoppable technological revolution.

The new CEO, Sofía Vago, is located in the Constitución sector. Her office is indistinguishable from the rest. she is the first woman to reach the top position at the local subsidiary of this global company with its heart in Washington and feet everywhere. They have 750,000 employees worldwide.

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Vago succeeds Sergio Kaufman who assumes maximum responsibility in Spanish-speaking countries. It is curious, the crisis that acts as a bomb for other activities in this sector you can’t hear it and this is what explains the exorbitant amount of demand which implies more employment. Count on 13,000 people on staff.

Sofía, a graduate in Business Administration, arrived in 1998, at the age of 21, at the former Andersen Consulting, now Accenture, and began to train in energy, banking and mass consumption. Accenture has been led by July Swift since 2019, also the world’s first female CEO. The head of “growth markets” is located alternately in Brazil or Singapore.

As soon as she was designated, Sofia put plants in some corners. And she has placed screens that connect with those in another country or at home. At Accenture, it doesn’t matter where you work.

“We provide an end-to-end service from the conception of a business model to its implementation, we transform an idea into reality”, defines the company. “My first client was an oil company and there were no women’s restrooms. I was conquering the seat at the table”, adds.

-Are they required in Argentina?

-In the knowledge economy, demand is very high both locally and for export, Argentina is a place of cost efficiency. The economy has slowed down, but we have very efficient costs and we want to take advantage of this opportunity.

-One of the problems is attracting and retaining talent…

-It is a market of high creativity and dynamism, there is a more short-term vision. A boy who enters has a PC, trains and exports. An investment involving long periods is not necessary. Education is needed. The knowledge economy is the third largest export sector with 8,000 million dollars, after energy and the sector.

-How do they pay?

-We pay 20% of salary in dollars to our employees. They are deposited in their accounts.

How do you access those dollars?

-Our global organization is generous and bets on Argentina.

-What is the peso of Argentina?

-It is a large talent center and due to its cost efficiency and strong local market, we service in the US and Europe. We are very competitive in terms of talent, language and cost. Our potential is huge.

-What do you find in job interviews?

-We need to strengthen the teaching of mathematics and English.

-What is the mood of Argentine businessmen?

-There is concern, uncertainty about how we will be in a year, but also optimism. And companies continue to bet on energy, mining and agri-food.

Source: Clarin

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