Nacho’s father from ‘Big Brother’ got a job as an actor in a movie with Benjamín Vicuña

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Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares was in second place Big Brother (Telefe), only behind the winner, Marcos Ginocchio, and achieved the popularity he so desired before entering reality. But he wasn’t the only one to achieve fame in his family: so did his father, Rodolfo Castañares Pose.

Nacho’s father, during his son’s stay of more than five months in the GH house, provided several television cell phones talking about the game and expressing all his support for his son. But also He spent a week inside the reality show when relatives of the last five contestants entered the house.

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There, Rodolfo said that, in addition to working as a hairdresser, he is also an actor and that he intended to work on an audiovisual production.

And once the reality show ended, he did. In his Instagram account Rodolfo took charge of communicating it began recording, in Uruguay, where he lives, a participation in a film starring Benjamín Vicuñatogether with Adriana Ugarte and Félix Gómez.

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Benjamín Vicuña with Rodolfo, the father of Nacho from Big Brother.  Photo: Instagram.

Benjamín Vicuña with Rodolfo, the father of Nacho from Big Brother. Photo: Instagram.

“Genius! Thank you for your generosity, Benjamín Vicuña”assured Rodolfo along with a photo with the celebrated Chilean actor.

And then he shared more images of himself in the middle of filming.

Rodolfo's joy in full shots.  Photo: Instagram.

Rodolfo’s joy in full shots. Photo: Instagram.

The film starring Vicuña, which has Rodolfo in the cast, is about the cast The silence of Marcos Tremmer, directed by Miguel García de la Calera. “It must be the most difficult film of my life, it’s a very important project, a drama that commits me. Peliculón,” Vicuña said days ago about this project.

The film’s synopsis details that “Marcos Tremmer is a successful Argentine publicist who lives madly in love with his wife, Lucía. One day Marcos discovers that a lethal disease will end his life in a few months. To protect Lucía from what , for sure, it will be immense suffering, to take a risky decision, hide the situation and push it away.”

Rodolfo Castañares in action.  Photo: Instagram.

Rodolfo Castañares in action. Photo: Instagram.

Photos of Rodolfo in the middle of filming also began to circulate on Twitter. On his account, Nacho shared pictures of his father’s new job challenge and joked: “He’s doing better than me.”

The exGH danced “Con Calma” again.

Nacho, since he left home, divides his time between family reunions, outings with Lucila “La Tora” Villar and various presentations in television cycles.

He had recently entered Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sundays at 11:30), where together with some of his former colleagues, such as Daniela Celis, Romina Uhrig, Julieta Poggio, Agustín Guardis and Marcos Ginocchio, they again choreographed the theme calmly, by Daddy Yankee, which they made for a weekly reality test.

Source: Clarin

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