Netflix has increased its rates in Argentina: what are the new prices like?

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Netflix, the content platform, will raise season ticket prices in Argentina by 42.92% for the basic season ticket, 30.8% for the standard plan and 26.3% for the premium plan. THE new valuesdetailed on the official page of the platform, apply to new subscribers.

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In this way, the fertilizer essential increases from $699 to $999, He standard From $1,299 to $1,699 and the prize From $1,899 to $2,399.

For existing customers, the new subscription prices will take effect gradually. They will receive a notification by email 30 days before the price of your subscription changes, unless they change plans.

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Tax expert Sebastián Domínguez, CEO of SDC Asesores Tributarios, did a calculation and determined how much a subscriber to the City of Buenos Aires would end up paying, including collections and taxes.

The specialist reminded him stamp duty is no longer applied in that district on credit card statements.

According to the report, in the case of people who consume less than US$300 per month, they will pay 76% of taxes and fees on the subscription, which means that they will pay 43.18% of taxes and fees on the total paid. Then, the compost basic will cost $1,758.24He standard $2,990.24 and the prize $4,222.24.

For those people who have the consumption of $300 or more, per month they will pay 101% of taxes and permits on the subscription, i.e. they will pay 50.25% of taxes and permits on the total paid. As, the basic one goes for $2,077.99, He standard at $3,414.99 and the premium, $4,821.99.

I consume Netflix

I consume Netflix

These calculations are for a customer domiciled in the City of Buenos Aires: in another district the Stamp Duty can be added and the perception of the Gross Income that is charged in the Federal Capital does not apply, even if another one can be applied , indicated Domínguez.

As explained by the tax officer, for those in other jurisdictions they may have some pay the stamp duty of their provinces.


Source: Clarin

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