Tini Stoessel revolutionized the networks with her home look: ‘A bum in the neighborhood’

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Tini Stoessel She is, without a doubt, one of the women who most likes to self-produce in the artistic field. However, when she’s not on stage, she always favors more relaxed looks. Proof of this is a video gone viral on TikTok in the last few hours where the singer is seen dressed as a housewife as she leaves the house.

“Neighbours report the presence of a homeless person in the neighborhood… It was Tini”wrote the user of the aforementioned social network who uploaded footage of the famous singer barefoot, with a messy bun and wearing gray joggers and an oversized black slip-on at the door of her house while her boyfriend, Rodrigo De Paul, is signing autographs.

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“I’m Tini when I come home after work. I’m going into surgery mode immediately”, “I saw the video earlier and switched it because I didn’t recognize it”, “I’m Tini when they come to see me and I don’t even know it” and “We’re all Tini when we’re home” were just some of the comments TikTok users left under Tini’s video that went viral on the net

Tini Stoessel's look that went viral.

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Tini Stoessel’s look that went viral.

Also “I can finally say that I dress like her”, “identifies me”, “Even as a vagabond she is so beautiful” and “Life’s Greatest Pleasures, Walking as You Sing”.

It is worth clarifying that Tini he is one of the most influential celebrities in Argentina. With its characteristic look, dominated by very wide trousers, translucent t-shirts in pastel colors and its inevitable retro hairstyles, it sets trends among teenagers.

Tini Stoessel in one of her latest record campaigns.  Photo: Sony Music

Tini Stoessel in one of her latest record campaigns. Photo: Sony Music

Tini Stoessel’s incredible birthday party

On March 21, Martina “Tini” Stoessel shot 26 years and celebrated it with his closest family and friends at his home in the North area. The party had an amazing dinner, dance, pool includedand the presence of a luxury guest: Lionel Messi.

In the videos that the protagonist of the evening and her friends have uploaded on social networks, we see the happiness of Tini, who she forced nearly all of her guests to jump into the water with her and her boyfriend to enjoy the pool on what was, perhaps, one of Buenos Aires’ last summer nights.

In fact, in the recordings that went viral on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, Rodrigo De Paul is seen helping her to push the guests who resisted to jump into the water. Many of those videos were captured by Nicki Nicolecolleague of Tini, who, like La Pulga, was present at the artist’s birthday.

For his part, the Argentina national team star attended the party with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, who has reportedly become a close friend of the singer of late. Proof of this are the recordings of the two during the Albiceleste celebrations after the friendly with Panama.

It’s the one in various posts from that night that have been leaked instagram the singer could be seen with the wife of the captain of the national team dancing together, embracing while listening to the song live Killer hottie Sung by the band La T y la M.

Source: Clarin

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