The Llao-Llao forum, the face to face of politics with another red circle

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In the exclusive LLao Llao hotel and on the initiative of Eduardo Esztain, one of its ownersIn 2011, to support entrepreneurs and connect them with businessmen in traditional activities, what is now known as the Llao Llao Forum was born. This select event has grown year by year and brings together leading businessmen, unicorn owners, politicians and high-ranking officials, scientists, members of social organizations, trade union leaders and many economists. The Forum has rules of confidentiality and a very strict protocol which allows conversations “with trousers off”. It opens on Monday 17 at noon with lunch and continues until Wednesday 19. Sergio Massa and Wado de Pedro have already been confirmed by the government. Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Javier Milei also participate. Of the entrepreneurs there is comprehensive assistance. They are, among others, Marcos Galperin, co-founder and CEO of Mercado Libre, Gustavo Grobocopatel, leader in agribusiness; Marco Bulgheroni, PAE; Agustín Otero Monsegur and Carlos Miguens of the San Miguel citrus company; Federico Braun, by Anonymous; Martín Migoya and Guibert Englebienne, of Globant, Karina Román, of the logistics company that bears her surname, the entrepreneur Luciano Nicora, the president of Idea and of the logistics group Roberto Murchison; Sebastian Bagó, from the Bagó laboratories and Veronica Andreani, from the logistics company Andreani.

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The tete a tete agenda with politics begins this Wednesday at the RuraHim with the Cicyp lunch whose star speaker is Mauricio Macri. Although the former president has announced that he will not run, they say there are no more seats in the large central dining room of La Rural. The Cicyp which hosts the group of six (Chambers of Commerce and Construction, Stock Exchange, Rural, Banks and UIA) is chaired by Marcos Pereda, deputy of Rural. This time he changed venues for his traditional lunches which were always held in Alvear. The day continues into the afternoon as Rural invited the main candidates to present their plans for the campaign. Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Javier Milei and Juan Schiaretti will address the producers’ questions.

The agricultural dollar, Sergio Massa’s way of devaluing without devaluing with an exchange rate of $300 for soybeans and regional economies, it has drawn harsh criticism from exporters in other sectors. The Chamber of Exporters (CERA) spoke of an “increase in costs with inflationary and harmful effects. The sectors that have not benefited from better trading conditions (mainly the industrial sector) will suffer the cost increases without any compensation,” said Fernando Landa, president of CERA.

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At a livestock table organized by ADBlick Agroexpert Fernando Canosa warned that the supply of calves will be lower due to the low pregnancy rate after the drought: “This ensures an increasing value for the meat. The climatic situation has also begun to change, all that, if possible, that 2024 catches us well mounted on the grass”, he suggested to the breeders.

Businesses are waiting and seeing the reloaded statussays the abeceb report for its clients. And he suggests to them when deciding that high inflation combined with recession must be considered, which is “lethal for consumers’ real incomes. This will depress all goods of mass consumption.” In his view, “in these conditions, the mechanisms of propagation of imbalances are strengthened and create a very hostile context for the decision-making process of companies. A basic lesson is that the flexibility to adapt to rapid change is a key competitive advantage. It is possible that there will be a split in the foreign exchange market forced by the shortage of foreign currency. The depreciation of the peso could benefit dollar-positioned savers with capital gains and that could revive something, more sophisticated consumption and construction,” she said.

According to KPMG, 2022 ended with a record number of mergers and acquisitions of companies totaling 91 deals, the most since 2018, for a total of $4,229 million. “Lithium investment has attracted foreign interest by giving the energy and natural resources sector the leading role,” they said. Globally, there has been a sharp decline in company acquisitions that have reached 60%. Investments by international groups in technology companies have also been recorded in the country.

Clinical trials have become a growing business to the point that Argentina is becoming a regional hub. According to the Ministry of Science, companies dedicated to clinical research in Argentina invested 41,134 million dollars in 2022, 130% more at constant values ​​in the last five years and an increase of 86% compared to 2020. Foreign laboratories grouped in the Argentine Chamber of Medicinal Specialties (CAEME) and the Argentine Chamber of Clinical Research Organizations (CAOIC), concentrated 92% of this investment.

Rodrigo Archer has taken over as the new CEO of ArcelorMittal, the owner of Acinar. A Brazilian national, 56, he has 36 years of experience in the Group and has just held the position of General Manager of ArcelorMittal Costa Rica for eight years. This group, owned by Lakshmi Mittal from India, is a leader in long steel used in construction, in agriculture, petroleum, energy and the automotive industry. In the world they are the main steel and mining producers.

Source: Clarin

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