Mobile Pickup: They launch a fast delivery service for parcels

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Parcel delivery company Vía Cargo has announced the launch of the new “Mobile Pickup” service.It is a system for sending parcels from the city of Buenos Aires to the whole country that has been operational since March. The mechanism allows you to check the delivery points and times of the fleet of vans located in the city from the Internet, and to approach ship to any of the 1,500 stores that VíaCargo has throughout the country.

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As reported by the company, the maximum weight allowed is 15 kilos per package. “In case the customer does not have a box, the company assists him in the corresponding packing. All units have ecological boxes and strong tape,” they explained. The mechanism for shipping parcels is easy, fast and digital and starts from the website “”.

1) Select MOBILE PICKUP, upload source and destination data online.

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2) Mark the shipping point where you will leave the package.

3) You will receive a printable label in the mail.

4) You walk up with your package and printed guidebook.

In this way, Vía Cargo sends a printable label to the customer’s email address. It remains only to approach the place where the vehicle with the parcel and the printed guide for sending the parcel is located.

On the site it is possible to find the data of all the stops, with their exact address and the times in which they will be available. Furthermore, it also allows you to estimate the cost of the shipment and track it in real time. Mobile Pickup service locations are listed with timestamps and GPS tracking on the web.

For more information about the service, you can visit the official website of WWW.VIACARGO.COM.AR

Source: Clarin

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