Dollar Savings: In a key month, start another round of the US$200 fee

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With a value of the blue dollar and financiers delivering shocks last week, savers see at the beginning of a new month the possibility of obtaining foreign currency at a lower price. But there are restrictions that prevent an ever-widening universe of people from accessing the so-called official change.

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Even if the month starts on Monday, as it is a holiday for Labor Day, those interested in buying currency through home banking will only be able to do so starting from Tuesday, after the opening of banking hours.

The officially quoted dollar, plus tax, itself has a number of limitations to access the purchase. Of the latter, there is that prevents those who have joined the pension moratorium from buying this type of currency.

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The solidarity or savings dollar is the one that is marketed at the official exchange rate plus taxes of 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% as an advance payment of Earnings and Personal Assets. For the latter, those exempt from paying these taxes can request a refund.

With taxes and all, the official price of the dollar, which has gone from $229 to $377, is more than $90 below the blue, which was $469 at Friday’s close.

Besides the specific limitations, there is also the natural restriction implying the increasing amount of pesos they serve and which with devalued salaries (amid the current high inflation) is difficult to piece together. To purchase the $200 share, approximately $75,400 is required today..

Dollar Savings: Who Can’t Buy

  • Those who bought MEP or CCL dollars in the last 90 days
  • Those who have spent the U$S200 fee with a card. Includes payment of Netflix, Spotify and other services in dollars
  • Those who refinanced credit card debts in 12 payments
  • Nor are those who have refinanced personal, pledged or mortgage debts with banks.
  • Those who have entered the pension moratorium to retire
  • Those who received salaries in 2020 through the Production and Labor Assistance Program (ATP)
  • Those who collect social plans or state aid such as the AUH
  • Mono-tax payers who have outstanding loans at a subsidized rate
  • Those who do not have declared income
  • Joint account holders
  • Beneficiaries of the income boost disbursed in May and June 2022.
  • Nor can those who have applied to withhold subsidy for electricity, gas or water buy official dollars.

How to request the return of 35% on the Earnings Account

Those who made savings dollar purchases can claim back the 35% receipts incurred between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, early next year.

When registering the period to be requested on the AFIP website, all the perceptions reported to AFIP automatically appear.

What is needed to request the return of the perception of Profits:

  • have CUIT
  • Have tax code, level 2 or higher
  • Inform the AFIP of the CBU to which the funds will be credited through the “CBU Declaration” service.
  • And they created the Electronic Fiscal Address.


Source: Clarin

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