Furor on TikTok: the story of the dog who left her home to go with a new family

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It’s a very popular phrasebut no less REAL. “Dog is man’s best friend”he claims.

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And this is the fame that these animals acquired for centuries thanks to their greatest virtue: a unwavering loyalty to their ownersas well as constant displays of love towards them.

However, sometimes the rule is not satisfied. Here’s how the TikTok user proved it @greciareesesdemonstrating in a video how her dog abandoned her to go with a new family and now he hides from her and avoids her.

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Furor on TikTok: the video of the dog who abandoned his owners

In general, it is usually the other way around, as it is the owners who abandon their dogs. This case, however, is particular … So much so that it has become rage on TikTok.

The dog who surfs and is a success in the networks

Pets and social networks, a combination that fails. And this is a great example of that.

A black lab Done viral on social media when it was filmed at Fistral Beach, Cornwall, (UK), balancing on a surfboardin front of the admiring gazes of the bathers.

The pet, which its owner taught “ride the waves”he displayed his sporting skills beyond those known to dogs, such as catching a ball or jumping through a hoop.

Source: Clarin

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