An effusive Sergio Massa warmed up internal officialdom: “Many of those who travel the channels talking about candidacies ended up under the bed”

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A little over a month after the closure of the presidential lists, the Minister of the Economy, Sergio Massatried to warm up the inmate of the Frente de Todos with a subtle criticism of the leaders who call for a presidential PASS: “Many of those who cover the channels talking about candidacies have ended up under the bed“.

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In recent weeks, the former mayor of Tigre remarked that there must be a unified candidate in the Frente de Todos for the elections, underlining: “This wanting to expose in a primary whether the government has differences or not, the truth is that I seems like a big mistake.” However, he has now targeted an unnamed enemy.

“I’m not one of those who are afraid of a challenge, on the contrary when they had to grab the hot potato and many of those who go around the channels today talking in vain about candidacies have got under the bed. We got up, put our corpses and took charge,” Massa said emphatically as he inaugurated an underpass in San Fernando.

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“And the truth is that I didn’t do it personally, I was able to do it because there was a team, because there were people who, emotionally, politically, from dreaming that a country that we had recovered after a shameful debt with which the they submitted, it could not have fallen due to a political crisis,” added Massa.

Massa’s criticism of Javier Milei’s dollarization plan

As did the main representatives of Kirchnerism, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, has also chosen to confront publicly with the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei. He did so by questioning one of the libertarian’s main electoral proposals: dollarization.

In an act at Tecnopolis: “How much market will they be able to support with salaries of 100 dollars and with dollars of 1900 pesos for its production. This is dollarization. And I want to tell you literally: this is what is at stake right now in Argentina: a development model or a financial speculation model”.

“Those of us who believe in work, in development, in Argentine human capital, in our ability to compete in the world, have a responsibility to defend our production capacity, also by using the competitiveness of the exchange rate”, he added.

The minister also argued that “some can achieve or seek that peace, which we also find in cemeteries, but in the peace of cemeteries there are dead people and we don’t want dead industries in Argentina”.

Massa spoke at the close of the BNA Conecta Expo, where he announced the $30,000 million expansion of the CreAR Inversión Pyme line.

In this sense, he underlined that “what many call subsidized rates, as if the subsidy were a problem, is a subsidized rate”, and clarified that, with this decision, what is being done is “to raise the rate for those who speculate ” but “turn it down for producers”.

“We have chosen to operate through Banco Nación with a promoted rate. When you somehow choose to subsidize, invest, part of the state’s resources in a policy, what you are doing is promoting an activity,” he said.

There he returned to aim against the drought due to the lack of foreign currency suffered by the Central Bank. “This year we have to face the journey with a very damaged turbine, the export turbine affected by the worst drought in history,” he said, which has led to “increasing the volumes of the domestic consumption market, investments to try to compensate for the damage that lack of exports somehow”.

The minister had words of praise for Silvina Batakis, president of Banco Nación, sitting next to him, noting that “she is one of those who puts her body into difficult moments and she demonstrated it in a very complex moment”, referring to the July 2022, following the resignation of Martín Guzmán.

For this reason, after recalling that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said it was he who had to “take a hot potato”, Massa assessed that Batakis was “the first to jump over the bomb”.

Kicillof also against the right: “he has many candidates but only one project: fewer rights”

Without naming Milei, even Governor Axel Kicillof pointed against “the right”, stating that “it has many candidates, but only one project: fewer rights”. He was in an act in Pilar, during the inauguration of a school and of the Central Hospital of High Complexity.

For Kicillof, the opposition “went from promising colored balloons to sticks of dynamite, because now they say they will blow everything up and that public works will be zero” and he added that this is happening because “the right has many candidates, but only one project: adaptation”.

“What will they blow up, this hospital, the school? Will they throw away doctors and nurses, teachers, assistants? I ask people to fight for everything that is missing. This hospital, these works, these schools, these asphalts are an expansion of rights” the president insisted.

Then, the governor specified that the opposition “talks about theft and accusation, but the craving and choreography is to get us into debt and get rich and they did it” and asked to remember that “the same ones who reduced us, who they got us into debt and caused fewer sources of work and closed companies, he asked for applause by saying that they would not open hospitals and that there were too many universities in the suburbs”.

Source: Clarin

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