Another online platform stopped accepting pesos as a means of payment

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The multiple exchange rate adjustments and the great uncertainty about the future of the macro in Argentina are once again complicating the lives of digital users in the country. Now, another international platform has informed him of his Argentine clients from next month it will stop accepting pesos as payment currency.

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This is the popular Go Daddy site, a domain registrar and website hosting and responsible for more than 84 million web addresses worldwidewhich in a communication warned its customers that From June 2, it will “drop” the Argentine peso from currencies operating within its platform. Weeks ago, travel app Grabr made a similar decision.

A large number of sites in Argentina have obtained domain registration and hosting of their data on this platform of US origin. The domain registration service, i.e. the address associated with an Internet page with the .com or brand, cost until March of this year between $531 and $1834, on average.

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The hosting service, i.e. the online arrangement of all the data connected to this site, was $18,000 to $227,000 annually. Both operations were quoted in this provider in Argentine pesos, something that will cease to be a facility for its users as of this Friday.

From that moment, customers in the country will no longer be able to manually or automatically renew their active products or purchase new products in Argentine pesos. “So that your products are not accidentally deleted, we will automatically change your preferred currency from ARS to US Dollar (USD)”the company has notified its Argentine customers.

The company did not explain the reasons for this decision, but clarified to its customers: “Go Daddy will attempt to bill in US $ for the next automatic renewals and for all future transactions. unless another currency is selected before the transaction takes place. All USD transactions will be processed in the United States.

The new dollar values ​​for the sites in Argentina have not yet been published on the page. Users must pay by credit card or through virtual wallets. considering the exchange rate of the “tourist dollar” or “Qatar”, as the case may be. Therefore, there are already several online platforms that work with Argentine customers but try to avoid the local currency.

In November of last year, Airbnb’s temporary rental app stopped accepting payments in local currency and all prices that appear on its pages, even for in-country accommodations, must be converted to dollars.


Source: Clarin

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