Because it’s worth watching El silencio, the Spanish series in which little is said and a lot happens

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Five years after his rise to fame with the character of Ander in the juvenile story Elitethe German actor -Spanish national- Arón Piper deploys all his acting talent in the lead role of Silencethe series that, shortly after its premiere, already It is first in the ranking of the most watched Netflix.

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It is no coincidence: it is a good match between well-defined characters and a juicy dose of high voltage.

Behind this story, framed in the thriller – although it could easily be defined as a portrait about darkness and the love of bonds-, there is the hand of Aitor Gabilondo, the creator of other Spanish series that have made headlines, such as live without permission, Over there AND Prince.

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Nathanael, played by the Argentine Ramiro Blas, is in charge of reinstating Sergio (Arón Piper).

Nathanael, played by the Argentine Ramiro Blas, is in charge of reinstating Sergio (Arón Piper).

For all six episodes lasting approximately 45 minutes, Silence follows the life of Sergio Ciscar, a young man who has just been released after six years in prison, accused of killing his parents. Since that day when the bodies fell from the balcony of his house, Sergio (Aron Piper) has not spoken … with almost anyone. It militates in silence as an act of rebellion. Or sincericide?

His attitude it exasperates its environment, but enriches its character, which moves in that confused area of ​​victim and perpetrator to which very few have access. Among these Nathanael, the evangelical pastor in charge of reintegrating the boy into society, played by the Argentinean Ramiro Blas.

The other person who manages to enter not only her apartment, but also her soul, is Marta, a kind of admirer who sent him letters during his captivity. But as for the girl, now, with both free, it’s not genuine: when she was in prison, she expressed her hybristophiliadescribed as “interest and sexual attraction to those who commit crimes”.

Cristina Kovani plays Marta, Sergio's fan who now that he is free has a hidden role.

Cristina Kovani plays Marta, Sergio’s fan who now that he is free has a hidden role.

Once out, Marta wants to move on with her life, but Ana doesn’t.

Ana is the other endearing character in this dark story: the actress Almudena Love She plays a psychiatrist obsessed with studying Sergio’s life, Big Brother style. without him knowing, he filled his house with cameras to follow him around the clock.

He says he’s trying to find out if, released, he poses a danger to society. Or for himself. But, as the episodes go by, Ana is running her veils (despite herself). And, behind that implacable professional, the threads of vulnerability appearwith which the viewer will be able to weave the complete story once the curtain has fallen on the sixth chapter.

without any intention of ruinin that instant more than the curtain will fall and, at the same time, the door will be open for a second season of this story which has already placed first in most countries reached by Netflix.

About Ana and Sergio -her without taking his eyes off the monitors where he replies, as happened with AlfaMarcos or Juliet in Big Brother-imana, why From the outset, something more than a case of a patient to be studied is perceived. And his performances are glorious. There’s no laughter, hardly any words, but it happens a tsunami of emotions between each other.

Anyway, although it’s a short series, there is a somewhat forced lengthening of the plot, which sometimes confuses more than it attracts. And, in that need to finally know what’s going on between the two central characters, the viewer’s anxiety tends to accelerate, with the risk of missing details of the subplots.

At this series, the “Well”, We understand, you’re fine. And for Piper, her maturity suited her better. You are no longer just the elite galancito. Does her gestural gallery allow him to maintain the character of a psychopath? sheltered in Silencewith and without capital letters.


thriller protagonists: Aron Piper and Almudena Amor Creation, script and direction: Aitor Gabilondo Problem: Six episodes on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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