Dollar today and blue dollar, LIVE: how much is being traded and what is its price this May 30, minute by minute

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The blue dollar dropped by a peso on Monday after the extra long weekend and he finished the day at $492. Meanwhile, the officer ended up with a quote of $248 for the sale and $238 for the purchase.


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Peso debt: Economy placed $770,000 million in dollar-adjusted and inflation-adjusted bonds

The government placed $773 billion in peso debt on Monday and covered the week’s maturities in the face of months of higher fiscal demands. Most of the collected pesos corresponded to inflation-adjusted bonds (CERs) and the dollar, which allowed the terms of the commitments to be extended beyond the elections, with real rates of 3% and the apparent help of public organizations such as the Central Bank. .

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The Ministry of Economy faced a $477.00 million deadline, so the extra funding reached $300.000 million and resulted in a 160% renewal of commitments. However, since the authorities reported that 70% of the allocation corresponded to the private sector, analysts believe that the placement rate did not exceed 100% and, therefore, there was a more indirect monetary issuance to take additional pesos. To know more.

The blue dollar closed at $492 on Monday

The US currency in the parallel market dropped one peso on Monday after the long holiday and finished the day at $492.

With another increase at the end of the day, the official finished with a price tag of $248 for sale and $238 for purchase,

Source: Clarin

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