What filters does ANSeS apply to determine who is eligible to collect the $ 18,000 bonus?

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What filters does ANSeS apply to determine who is eligible to collect the $ 18,000 bonus?

Registration for unregistered workers with Anses bonus. Photo: Ignacio Blanco / The Andes

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To reach the $ 18,000 bond low -income people – in a situation of social vulnerability – ANSeS is crossing data of those who have registered or are registering in various official registries to find out patrimonial situation, income, consumption and expenses using credit and debit cards of the last 6 months.

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“The information of residence and prepaid coverage and, for people without income records for the activities of monotributists or private households, health coverage will be followed, ”the pension agency reported. .

The reasons why a person may not be eligible for Income Reinforcement are: • Being a worker or workers in a dependency relationship.

• Being a category “C” monotributist or higher

• Being self-employed or self-employed

• Being retired, retired, pensioner or pensioner. In these cases, those who collect up to $ 77,260 from May 9 will automatically receive up to $ 12,000 in May – without having to carry out any paperwork.

• Being under 18 or over 65 years of age

• Have prepaid

• That your monthly income is more than 77,880 pesos (2 minimum vital and mobile salaries).

• That your monthly consumption with a credit or debit card is more than 77,880 pesos (two SMVM)

• Be the owner or owners of a car with a tax value of more than 1,401,840 pesos

• Owning or owning more than one car •

Owning or owning a car under one year of age

• Be the owner or owners of more than one home

• Be the owner or owners of an aircraft

• Being the owner or owner of a vessel that is more than 9 meters long

• That in 2021 you have declared Personal Assets of more than 3,738,240 pesos

• You are between 18 and 24 years old and your parents ’monthly income exceeds the equivalent of three minimum, vital and mobile wages.

It is estimated that, between these ages, young people may or may not be studying with their parents, who may have a moderate or good economic position.

The $ 18,000 bonus is individual, not family. This means that one or both members of the spouse can apply if they meet the requirements if they are both workers with no formal income or unemployed.

All marking of these requirements is important because from Thursday 28, registrants must re-enter the AnseS website, and digitally sign a sworn statement that they are not violating these requirements and validate or charge the bank account (CBU).

Beginning May 5, ANSes will notify registrants if they are entitled to collect the bonus, which will begin to be paid beginning May 19.

Source: Clarin

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