A Chinese cryptocurrency giant arrives in Argentina and wants to use the country as an expansion platform

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One of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world has decided to start operating in Argentina, where it seeks to make it popular web service3 and increase cryptocurrency purchases “From person to person”. Regard exchange of Chinese origin OKXwhich currently manages funds for just under 15 billion dollars globally and which announced the start of its operations in the country in recent days.

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OKX, what has gained popularity among sports lovers to be the main sponsor of the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola and the team McLaren Formula 1it already has 50 million users worldwide.

“We are pleased to officially launch the latest expansion of our exchange world-class and Web3 wallet in one of Latin America’s most vibrant cryptocurrency markets. As pioneers at the nexus of technology and finance, our user-centric approach aims to accelerate adoption meet local needs first and foremost,” said the company’s CEO, Hong Fang.

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Web3 is a decentralized website where end users control the data, determine the price, and directly contribute to technical development, unlike most applications controlled by centralized entities that determine how they store and use end user data .

“The promise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is expanding across Latin America and Argentina represents a key launching pad for our regional growth strategy“, said the executive, who made the launch official this month after visiting the country last November.

Asked whether the “change of era” brought about by Javier Milei’s arrival at the Casa Rosada prompted this decision, Hong Fang said: “We are excited about the idea of ​​collaborating with public and private sector leaders from across the country. Argentina to support economic growth. We believe web3 technology can help promote financial inclusion, efficiency and transparency. We value engagement with local government partners and consider it essential to ensure crypto innovation reaches responsibly its vast potential.”

“Argentina can become a standard-bearer of cryptopolitics progressive in Latin America. Our common goal should be to drive widespread adoption by creating a clear regulatory context this responsibly unlocks the vast financial promise of crypto innovation,” said Hong Fang.

OKX’s proposal for Argentine users ranges from the possibility of buy, sell or store a menu of hundreds of crypto assets, make “peer to peer” purchases, until starting to invest in the world of decentralized finance.

“What further differentiates OKX is that we continue to invest in scalable and future-proof solutions while promoting transparency and security standards,” said Hong Fang, adding: “Our non-custodial OKX wallet also offers clients the opportunity to take full control of your crypto assets while accessing everything from web3 in one app.”

While the anticipation for the next one grows among digital investors halving of bitcoin, which has historically driven the prices of all cryptocurrencies upwards, in dialogue with Clarionthe CEO of OKX remarked on the future of these digital assets: “Although markets will fluctuate, the long-term trajectory is clear. Cryptocurrencies are radically transforming finance. Our role is to accelerate our evolution and adoption through best-in-class services and the transparency of is one of a kind.

Source: Clarin

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