The entrepreneurs accepted Milei’s call for dialogue and agreed on the 10 points of their “pact”

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Javier Milei’s speech at the opening of the ordinary sessions of the Congress was welcomed with optimism by entrepreneurs, including those grouped in IDEA, CIARA AND Martin Migoyafounder of the technology company Globant.

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The appeal made by the President on Friday to governors and former presidents “with the aim of establishing 10 fundamental principles of the economic order is a gesture to which unfortunately we were not accustomed in Argentina and which “fills us with hope”IDEA said in a statement.

According to the body, which brings together the managers of the main companies operating in the country, “the ten points are well chosen and they fully coincide with the proposals we made to IDEA”.

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IDEA agreed that “the path to reversing decades of social and economic deterioration is only possible by respecting private property, with tax, labor and pension regimes modern and sustainable, with freedom of trade and with a lasting fiscal balance that includes a fair income distribution system.

“Broad agreement on all these principles, with clear and lasting rules, would be the signal that the local and international private sector is waiting for.” seriously consider Argentina as a safe destination to invest in”IDEA added. AND called on all political sectors to put their differences behind them and take advantage of the opportunity to build deals.

He spoke along the same lines Martin Migoya, CEO and one of the founders of the technology company Globant, one of Argentina’s fastest growing companies.

“I hope we have the wisdom to unite and leave decadence behind us. I celebrate it gesture of unity so necessary. I hope we understand that our sad present is the product of decades of governments that have ignored what @JMilei is proposing today. Let’s go Argentina!!”, she wrote on the social network

For their part, the Chambers that bring together the agro-exporters, CIARA and CEC, Milei’s speech, they assured, “was strong, clear and precise in the path to be taken to emerge from this profound economic and social crisis”. And they encouraged governors to join the May Pact.

Source: Clarin

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