Donald Trump, like Javier Milei, clashes with “the caste”, spends 8 hours on Twitter and behaves like a kid

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“I want the decree withdrawing the United States from NAFTA by Friday”Donald Trump ordered when he was just starting out president in 2017. NAFTA is the acronym for the North American Free Trade Agreement (Mexico, United States and Canada). “And I want it on my table.”.

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For Bannon, the proof that corporations and caste had defeated Trump was a speech the president gave in January 2018 at the Davos Economic Forum. “Trump arrived in Davos like a killjoy and left praised like a pragmaticqualification The New York Times. “The American president said what the Chamber of Commerce wanted to hear”. Furthermore, his Economy Minister, Mnuchin, denied in Davos that the US exchange rate strategy would be to manipulate the dollar by devaluing it, as an editorial wrote in The Wall Street Journal in Davos and this had led to nervousness in the American establishment. The caste.

His aides tried to convince Trump to stop using Twitter so much.

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“It’s my megaphone.”he answered them. “It’s the way I talk directly to people, without filters. I save myself the noise and fake news. It’s the only way I can communicate with my ten million followers. It’s more powerful than being on the news. If I go to CNN, no one sees it, no one finds out. But if I publish a tweet it’s as if I’m telling it to the world with a megaphone..

Today Trump does not use Twitter (currently called X) but Truth Social, another social network.

When Twitter announced that the maximum number of characters a post could contain would go from 140 to 280, Trump said: “It’s a shame because he was the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters”.

Source: Clarin

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