Expoagro begins amidst caution over cereal prices and the wait for Javier Milei’s visit

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This Tuesday, a new edition of Expoagro, the most important agro-industrial fair in the country, begins in its permanent headquarters in San Nicolás. It will last until Friday 8th.

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At the fair More than 600 exhibitors will be present, including this time 130 new companies. Additionally, signatures will be added 12 demonstration plots. Furthermore, there will be more than 12 public and private banking institutions, which will offer several lines of special financing for the Expo, which is fundamental for the sector. The property will therefore have 8,000 square meters more commercial space compared to the previous year.

In this framework, there are expectations in the possible visit to the president’s exhibition Javier Milei after the controversial attempt to increase withholding taxes. There are versions according to which he would be present on Tuesday, but at the moment it is not officially confirmed. If I attended, I would do it at noon.

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The government official who will be present will be the Secretary of Agriculture, Fernando Villellawho will receive the ministers of the Southern Agricultural Council (CAS) during the exhibition. It will be the first meeting this year and will convene the agricultural ministers of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. The Minister of the Interior also confirmed his presence Guillermo Francos.

In turn, several governors are expected to visit the exhibition. Axel Kicillof will do it, but the day is not confirmed. The governors of Santa Fe (Maximiliano Pullaro), Córdoba (Martín Llaryora) and Entre Ríos (Rogelio Frigerio) will also be present.

The exhibition takes place in a very different production context compared to last year, characterized by drought and a drastic drop in production. A significant recovery in corn and soybean harvests is expected this year, with 56 and 49 million tons respectively.which will boost the strategic sector for the country.

This brings greater dynamism to the economy, which translates into greater investments by producers. According to Abeceb Consulting, lThis year, sales of agricultural machinery will grow by 14.6%.exceeding 20,700 units, including tractors, combine harvesters and other products, after a 2023 in which transactions decreased by 41%.

Anyway, There is uncertainty about what might happen with international prices, which have declined this year due to oversupply of cereals. From January to today they have fallen by almost 15% and are at the lowest level in the last 3 years.

Exports of cereals, oils, flours and derivatives are forecast at $31.3 billion for the 2023/24 campaign, In December $4.5 billion below expectations, as estimated by the Rosario Stock Exchange. This calculation was also affected by the drop in production due to the heat wave that occurred between the end of January and the beginning of February.

In the local market, prices have also dropped significantly. From mid-December to today, the real value of the Rosario Slate has fallen by an average of 35% and, in the case of soybeans and corn, has reached the lowest values ​​since August 2023.

Given this context, there is a strong delay in sales by producerswho are holding back the goods while waiting for what may happen with the values ​​of cereals, but above all with the country’s macroeconomy.


The exhibition is an ideal space for various company launches. This year stands out, among others, the launch of the R Series sprayer from the Valtra brand. Metalfor, in turn, will propose great innovations that it has been working on for some time and will present them to the general public: a new work in autonomous driving. Indecar is preparing to launch the Phantom 7200 self-propelled pneumatic fertilizer at Expoagro, which allows a leap in productivity thanks to its autonomy and working width.

Source: Clarin

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