Santiago del Moro confirmed that Agostina left Big Brother and revealed the details of her departure

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After the scandal that broke out on Sunday evening in Big Brother (Telefe), after it became known that Lisandro Navarro was the one who had to abandon the house, Santiago del Moro confirmed it this morning Agostina Spinelli has left the game.

The former police officer was very distressed when he found out Furia was still in the race, after colliding with Licha. Quickly, while Lisandro, suitcase in hand, tried to greet his companions, Agos announced live that he wanted to leave the program.

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After briefly passing through the confessional, where she burst into tears and spoke to Santiago del Moro, her ‘little sister’ He was very firm in his decision.

Even though everything indicated that he would leave reality, The truth is that the gala broadcast on Telefe ended and, instead, the cameras showing the cycle live through a recognized platform were cut and did not allow viewers to see how the situation continued.

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However, it was Del Moro himself who did it confirmed that Agostina is no longer part of the reality show and he did it on his radio show, The Moro Club (La 100).


The former policeman, feeling threatened by Furia, made it clear that he did not want to continue on the reality show

“For, Agostina left last night at dawn“This is what I want to tell you,” launched the TV host.

And he explained: “Because at a certain point, When she tells me she wants to leave, I tell her, “You can go now.” “All the people there are adults and no one ever closed the door on anyone who wanted to leave.”

“So if you stay it’s because you respect the conditions of the game and you can leave whenever you want,” the driver remarked.

Later Santiago opened up and said that Agostina’s attitude bothered him: “What I didn’t like was this Licha deserved a great outing because she was a great participant and it was her time, she covered it”.

“She was saying goodbye to her friends, saying goodbye to the house, it was her time and she was shouting saying ‘Start!'”He attacked.

Agostina has made the decision to leave Big Brother.  Capture TVAgostina has made the decision to leave Big Brother. Capture TV

Big Brother: how was Agostina’s announcement to leave the house?

On Sunday evening Del Moro announced that the public had chosen Lisandro Navarro to leave the house Big Brother (Telefe). At that moment, indignant, Agostina has announced that she will leave the program.

After dropping off Licha, the driver asked the police to go through the confessional. Very upset, she stated that she was “scared” because of a confrontation she had had with Furia.

“Santiago, I decide to leave the house right now. I will not live with a landmine that threatens my death”launched Agostina.


Maximum tension at Big Brother.

“This is a game that millions of people want to play… If you want to leave, you can leave. But if you leave, you can’t go back,” Del Moro told him.

I’m scared… I told him Big Brother Yesterday I can’t sleep in my room, I have to go to sleep in the boys’ room because I don’t know if this girl will stab me with a knife. He told me “I’ll kill you”. Do you know the number of murders and feminicides that occur after a threat? No, people…my life comes first,” she insisted through tears.

“If you feel threatened, you must not continue in the game. If you think you have to leave, there is no other option. I wouldn’t want you to go out of the little door, you don’t deserve it.”, attacked Santiago.

Agos, however, remained firm on his position and Del Moro assured him that he would leave that same night, as he finally did.

Source: Clarin

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