Home Business Roberto Feletti will now go “for good”: he has promised that he will allow increases if companies ensure supply

Roberto Feletti will now go “for good”: he has promised that he will allow increases if companies ensure supply

Roberto Feletti will now go “for good”: he has promised that he will allow increases if companies ensure supply

Roberto Feletti is now going on

Roberto Feletti, in a work by Axel Kicillof with measures against inflation. Image: TV capture

After threatening to apply the Supply Law in some instances and not solve the problem of missing Care Prices products on the shelves, now the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, seems to have changed the approach.

At a meeting he held on Wednesday with dairy companies, according to a statement released by his portfolio, the official said: “We are willing to identify correction patterns in regulated basket pricesguaranteeing full supply ”.

In other words: if companies don’t skimp on products (which they prefer not to sell because they’re price crushed), The Government will allow the increase. Companies are saying that for now the percentage is not mentioned.

Holding on to this promise, Feletti also asked them “a future path of product prices not included in the regulated basketwhich is compatible with real costs and reasonable profit margins ” bridge the gap between “cared for” and “free” products.

Feletti was accompanied by Undersecretary of Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezian. While on the business side, representatives from Sancor, Mastellone, Milkaut, Saputo, Center for the Dairy Industry (CIL) and Association of Small and Medium Dairy Companies (APYMEL) attended.

The conference is in line with the meetings that Commerce experiences with mass consumption companies. This time, Feletti stressed that “the route we want to take has something to do with it improve supply of +Precios Care basket, bridge the gap including products that are outside the regulated basket and guide to the paths of predictable prices Ultimately, based on reliable information on costs, margins and profitability”.

Regarding the supply of the program, the secretary warned that, based on a survey conducted by the Directorate of Inspections of the Secretariat of Domestic Trade in supermarkets in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, it was observed. a decrease in the level of compliance to 65%, while this number historically has been approximately 75%.

“Until mid -March, inspections had yielded good results on average, but since the war between Russia and Ukraine there have been less supply of +Precios Care basket. We see a significant opening of the gap between the regulated price and the free. That is something that we have to correct ”, said Feletti.

According to Commerce, the companies promised to send the necessary information to review it by the Secretariat and, from there, monitor the traceability of goods both outside and inside Prices Care, monitor program compliance and “companies giving penalties that don’t do so”.

On the other hand, it is said that the portfolio, since dairy products have direct distribution in retail stores, The Secretariat will ensure that companies properly supply Chinese warehouses and personal service stores. along with the products that make up the +Precios Care basket for local businesses.

The companies, for their part, explained that seasonally it is a time of year where production tends to drop, but it will return in the coming months.

They participated for Sancor, José Ferroni; by Mastellone, Isabel Ferrarotti; by Milkaut, Diego Frietze; by Saputo, Hector Molfino; for the Dairy Industry Center (CIL), Aníbal Schaller; and of the Association of Small and Medium Dairy Companies (APYMEL), Rubén Bonafina.


Source: Clarin


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