Along with Roberto Feletti, an official who responded to Máximo Kirchner also left.

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Along with Roberto Feletti, an official who responded to Máximo Kirchner also left.

Liliana Schwindt is also a deputy and participated in the Consumer Defense Commission. Photo file Juan Manuel Foglia

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Roberto Feletti wasn’t the only one to submit his resignation on Monday. Including the former Secretary of Commerce, as well he retired (at the moment) of the civil service Liliana Schwindtformer Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers, who until last week was under the orbit of Matías Kulfas, at the Ministry of Productive Development.

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Hours after Feletti’s departure, the official also tweeted his resignation. Schwindt, a Social Service graduate, is deputy for Front Renovador by Sergio Massa. But in recent days he has answered it
Maximo Kirchner and also received an order from the Patria Institute to leave the position.

theIn the resignation text, Schwindt thanked Feletti gave him confidence work “side by side these months.”

The officer presented him irrevocable resignation understanding that he came as part of the former secretary’s team and that, “If this one leaves, I should do the same.”

“I like give thanks to @RobertoFeletti for allowing me to be part of his team and for giving me the confidence to work alongside him these months, ”the former deputy said in the tweet.

“Beyond the short term, from the Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers we continue to promote initiatives to inform citizens of their rights as consumers and how to protect them,” he said in his resignation letter. .

It also features that they respond quickly to complaints received and act to protect users and consumers.

“Still in Argentina we lack a lot in the matter of defending our rights as consumers and, from where I am, I will continue to work to achieve this ”, he added.


The departure of Feletti (and Schwindt) came as a surprise to President and Minister Martín Guzmán, who on Friday met with the former official today. to specify the steps to be followed after the transfer of its Secretariat from the Kulfas area to the Economy.

Hopefully this Monday they will have a next encounter of pricing policies, but rather Guzmán received a letter of resignation.

From his place, Feletti focused anti-inflation policy on controls and agreements with companies. He left with an index that reached 6.7% in March and 6% in April and that increased to 70% in forecasts for the year.

Feletti left because of “discrepancies” in the management of the president and his minister. However, her resignation will be the result of a change in strategy within Frente de Todos, which Cristina Kirchner will seek leave Guzmán as the sole responsible of the impossibility of lowering inflation.

Now the game will be played by the minister and his new secretary, Guillermo Hang, with whom Guzmán is related.


Source: Clarin

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