AFIP updated the values ​​by which virtual wallets should report their clients ’movements

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AFIP updated the values ​​by which virtual wallets should report their clients ’movements

Wallets must report movements in excess of $ 30,000

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The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) has updated the amounts by which virtual wallet managers must report their clients ’movements. With a resolution to be made official in the Official Gazette this Friday, the agencyor raised from $ 10,000 to $ 30,000 the threshold by which payment service providers (PSPs) must report revenue and expenses to their accounts.

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In the organization led by Mercedes Marcó del Pont, they justify the proposal by saying that “it optimizes the data quality that the organization must control over operations sent through virtual accounts.” At the same time they stressed that this new regulation “improves controls” but “doesn’t make any changes to users.”

In addition, it was adopted that wallets should report accounts whose monthly balance would be equal to or greater than $ 90,000. In both cases, the amounts are set at $ 10,000, pFor what the agency understands the system simplifies the operation of wallets.

“The AFIP resolution includes new requirements that optimize control capacity and information quality,” he said in a statement. In this sense, it is established a $ 200,000 threshold by which companies in the sector must report banks or virtual transfers. “The changes introduced improve the information regime on these assets,” the official communication detailed.

In line with the development of electronic payment methods, since this year AFIP has included virtual wallets in the list of assets on which to place embargoes to collect debts accrued by delinquent payers. taxes. By the end of last year, the agency had defined a universe of 9,800 delinquent taxpayersto whom he will request the seizure of the total amount of $ 24 million.

To date, the embargoes on delinquent taxpayers demanded by AFIP from justice have been defined in cbank accounts, personal property, real estate and loans, among others.

As reported by AFIP, since February of this year the possibility of placing embargoes on digital accounts has been added, but the proposal will start with the most liquid assets such as money deposited in bank accounts.

When the available balance is insufficient or taxpayers do not have a traditional bank account, the seizure of other assets such as money deposited in virtual wallets will be requested.

Source: Clarin

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