Sergio Massa presents a project for Monotax: what the new scales will look like and the amount to be paid

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Sergio Massa presents a project for Monotax: what the new scales will look like and the amount to be paid

The project will benefit more than 4 million Monotributistas who in July should be re -categorized at a higher level. Photo: Guillermo Rodriguez Adami – FTP CLARIN

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The President of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa is once again straining his relationship with Martín Guzmán when in a hurry to check the condition of monotributists, whose billing scales are outdated in the face of inflation. In this way, this afternoon, he will finally present — as Clarín announced Sunday — a bill in Congress that he hopes will be approved before July 1st.

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After the salary increase “floor” of Earnings of $ 280,792 for dependent workers, it seems the turn of the Monotributistas has come. the bill promotes an increase from July 1 of 29.1% in the amounts or maximum billing amounts of the various Monotax categories.

If the proposal is approved, will benefit more than 4 million Monotributistas which in July should be recategorized to higher levels as a result of strong inflation.

Massa’s suggestion:

  • Advance the adjustment for the maximum billing amount by July 1st of different Monotax categories according to six monthly variations of social security mobility.
  • The date corresponds to the Recategorization scheme applied by AFIP, which is done every 6 months, in January and July.
  • This way, the fee remains the same (thus avoiding last year’s problem of retroactive billing) and only the billing limit of each category is “raised”.
  • This has had a positive impact on more than 4 million monotributistas and the financial cost is zero.
  • Easy to communicate and implement with AFIP systems.
  • It is not advisable to move forward with deeper regime change this year as this will be the second Monotax proposal (the famous “bridge” method and retroactive collection) from 2020 to the present, especially considering the difficulties in implementation in systems. of AFIP verified last year.

Monotax categories are separated into two major groups: provision of services and sale of personal property (products) based on activities: whether it is conducted in a particular location or establishment, taking into account the area affected, the total annual electrical energy consumed in kilowatts and, eventually, the annual amount to be paid for rent.

The amount of the Monotax fee depends on the categoryand consists of one tax component (the aggregate tax), the retirement contribution, (previsional component (SIPA)) and another for social work.

The volume of Monotributistas –65% of more than 4 million– is registered in the lowest category (A and B). And another 20% falls into categories C and D.

What will the scales look like according to each category:

Category A: reached invoices of up to $ 466,201.59 in the past 12 months with a monthly installment payment of $ 3,334.24. Upon approval of the project it will be up to $ 601,959.49.

Category B: those in the category up to $ 693,002.36 in charges and monthly fees of $ 3,728.29, they will reach a maximum of $ 894,804.65.

Category H: The highest category is H for “locations and provision of services” up to $ 3,276,011.15 and a monthly fee of $ 16,114.67. Now, it can be up to a maximum of $ 4,229,985.60.

Category K: And for furniture sales, category K amounts to $ 4,662,015.87 in annual bills and $ 25,090.13 in monthly payments. In the Massa project that amount would amount to $ 6,019,594.89.


Source: Clarin

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