Samsung has renewed its Exchange Plan: now up to two devices can be delivered in exchange for a new one

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Samsung has renewed its Exchange Plan: now up to two devices can be delivered in exchange for a new one

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the highest in the range of the premium cell phone family.

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From the launch in Argentina of the new Galaxy S22 and the new Galaxy Tab S8, Samsung re -launched his Cellular Exchange Plan with a new exchange method and can be applied even to the Hot Sale that is just beginning.

From Friday, April 29, those who purchase their smartphone and/or tablet through the e-store or official physical stores of Samsung can deliver up to two devices -smartphone and/or tablet- as part of payment and so on save up to 50% on your purchase.

The Samsung device exchange program accepts -in some cases- devices with broken screens and from any manufacturerbeyond those sold by the South Korean giant.

Beyond the purchase benefit, through the Exchange Plan, Samsung ensures, on the one hand, the reconditioning and reinsertion in the equipment market and the disposal of unused components and electronic waste so that they can be safely disposed of. recycle and thus contribute to environmental protection.

Hi new Samsung Exchange Plan

In the case of being a physical store The procedure is very simple, you just need to go to a Samsung store using the devices used to deliver the payment part and an advisor will analyze and quote at that time. The discount is immediate at the time of purchase.

Also offers advice along with the Smartswitch app to transfer all information and personal data to the new equipment.

When the purchase is made from online formthe following steps must be followed:

In principle, select the product to buy in the online store Select the option “Samsung Exchange Plan” and select the category of the first product used (tablet or smartphone).

It is then necessary to qualify the condition of the used equipment (screen, ignition or housing) through a short survey, while the process is repeated with the selection of the category of the second used product to proceed with the purchase.

Once the first steps are completed, you will know the estimated price and you will finish buying a new cell phone, whether it is the Galaxy S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra.

Then it is time to receive the new device and wait for a call from a representative to confirm the status of the used devices and, consequently, the confirmation of the trade-in price.

Withdrawal of used equipment and the accreditation of the bonus will be the final step of the online process.

This new program adds to the benefits Samsung has been promoting since launching the Galaxy S22 in February worldwide and in March since it arrived in the country: funding in interest-free installments, eVouchers for the launch of select products, Samsung Care+ and special offers.

Galaxy S22 on Hot Sale 2022

The Samsung Exchange Plan can also be applied to Hot Sale prices.  Photo: Get.

The Samsung Exchange Plan can also be applied to Hot Sale prices. Photo: Get.

The three Galaxy S22 models, which arrived in the country in mid -March, are part of the technology giant’s Hot Sale commitment that began on Monday and will run first until June 1st.

The premium family of handsets – the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra – feature longer battery life and better cameras, especially for low -light photos and videos, which Samsung currently estimates for in 80% of global usage. the Internet.

The new Galaxy S22 and S22+ feature innovative technology and the new Nightography camera features of the S22 series. Powered by the first 4nm processor in a Galaxy smartphone that delivers unmatched performance for all your streaming, productivity, or entertainment needs.

The Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers the most premium S series experience to date. It combines power, performance, creativity and security in a style reminiscent of the Note line with its built-in S Pen stylus and professional-grade camera features such as photo erasure to enhance content for viewing. post on various social networks.

As part of this Hot Sale, Samsung has already ordered three cell phones with 20% discount You can also apply for a renewed Exchange Plan. In this way, the prices of the top range of the S22 Ultra went from $ 254,000 to $ 203,999, the S22+ version from $ 209,999 to $ 167,999 and the S22 from $ 164,999 to 131,999 pesos.


Source: Clarin

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