Liberals to file a new gun control bill

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Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino is expected to introduce legislation on Monday aimed at fulfilling at least the key promises of Liberal gun control in Canada.

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This new bill is named An Act to amend certain Acts and other texts as a result (guns) is scheduled to be served in the afternoon following the daily questioning period.

Minister Mendicino is expected to introduce the bill, then participate in a press conference at Château Laurier with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and supporters of the strategy, including mayors from around the country.

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The government has remained tight -lipped about the specific content of the bill, but it could put back on the agenda some measures announced before last year’s election call that could not be ratified in time. Other measures promised during the election campaign may also be included.

Purchase of assault weapons

Among other things, we are talking about a possible program of forced repurchase of assault weapons, banning high-capacity magazines and strengthening the fight against arms trafficking.

The Liberals have promised to work with provinces, territories and municipalities that want to ban guns. The government could go further and restrict the right to have guns.

While a nationwide ban is unlikely, the government could quietly remove the right to own handguns by limiting the number of circulation permits, restricting storage rules, or banning the manufacture and sale of handguns. import new ones.

Gun control advocacy group PolySeSouvient has strongly criticized the federal government’s way of assigning to provinces and municipalities the responsibility of whether or not to ban handguns. A position described as unmanageable due to the circulation of arms in the country that could pass from one region under restrictions to another without restrictions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended this approach at a press conference last week, saying different opinions were shared across the country.

Speaking about the shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children, at Robb Elementary School in Texas, Trudeau said Canadians were noticeably united in their desire to reduce gun violence in the country.

This unity, with it we will move forward in the coming weeks by taking new steps to control guns.

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

A comprehensive ban on assault weapons-the government’s main commitment to gun control-involves creating a mandatory buy-back program on firearms made illegal by law changes in 2020.

The idea has garnered praise from gun control advocates, but Tory MPs and gun control opponents instead blamed the government for chasing legitimate gun owners instead of preventing entry. illegal weapons in the territory and to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

The seizure involved approximately 1,500 models of firearms made illegal by an ordinance that ruled that these firearms had nothing to do with hunting or shooting sports.

A man is holding a gun.

However, some similar designs remain legal, and one gun control advocate laments that gun makers have already found ways to circumvent the law by creating new designs.

PolySeSouvient urged the government to change the weapons classification system to close loopholes in the law and include all current and future weapons that fall under the category of assault weapons.

Some women’s groups have also called on the government to dismiss the idea of ​​giving potential victims the power to seek a court order to seize guns from a suspected abuser or stalker.

The National Association of Women and the Law and several other groups wrote a letter to Minister Mendicino last week telling him that this section of the law would place the responsibility for gun control on the shoulders of potential victims. .

Source: Radio-Canada

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