Marc Anthony: when will tickets be available to see him in August in Argentina

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Marc Anthony: when will tickets be available to see him in August in Argentina

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Marc Anthony, at a Grammy Awards gala. Photo by AP

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Marc Anthony is known as one of the most influential artists within his style, covering ballads, salsa, pop and even bolero. This is, at the same time, a fact ambassador of latin music and culturehonor Puerto Rico, the land of their parents.

After the success of his “Pa’lla voy” tour in Europe and North America, Marc Anthony will visit South America.

Anthony, along with his “Pa’lla voy” Tour, will arrive in Buenos Aires on August 28. To continue his tour of the continent there.

Marc Anthony, at a presentation in Panama with his tour

Marc Anthony, at a performance in Panama with his “Pa’llá Voy” tour. Photo by AP

tickets are sold

In Argentina, this Monday, May 30, from 10 am, the pre-sale will open for customers with a Santander American Express Card. Meanwhile, the Tuesday, May 31, the general sale will begin also on the Movistar Arena site.

The show will be featured on August 28th here I amthat gives the name to his latest album, the signature song and the tour in Latin America. From this new album he will also perform Give me more, the one who loves you, love has no sex, Nothing, if it is easy, not removed Y I lied to himamong other songs.

Nor will the classics be lost and great musical successes of Marc Anthony’s career as Live my life, Your love is so good to me Y Come back for a return.

Feed the baby blood

For his latest record production, the salsero used the freshness of young composers working in their own record company, but retaining the essence of their personal style and their characteristic voice, in addition to love and heartbreak as the main themes of their compositions.

The album Pa’llá I will save nine songs matured during the pandemic: “I had time to absorb these songs in a different way, more time to fall in love with them and work with them,” the 53-year-old artist explained.

In his extensive and nurtured music career of 30 years, Marc Anthony has received countless gold and platinum certifications, recognized over 30 hits on the Billboard chart and has over seven billion views on YouTube. In 2016, he received “Person of the Year” awards from the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Marc Anthony spoke to his fans after an accident he experienced in Panama.  Capture Instagram.

Marc Anthony spoke to his fans after an accident he experienced in Panama. Capture Instagram.

The six-time Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winner became the first artist of his genre to receive a “6-time Diamond RIIA Certification” for his album 3.0 and recognized with his third Guinness World Record.

In the same way, his tours “Vivir mi vida”, “Cambio de piel”, “Full Circle”, “Legacy” and The OPUS Tour, are included in the “Global Top Grossing Concert Tours Lists”, ie. the list of the most successful tours.

commitment to society

Marc Anthony has a strong social commitment and in advancing talents in various fields. In 2012, he launched the Maestro Cares Foundation where the activities of fundraising for the construction of orphanages in Latin America.

In September 2017, with Magnus, he created the alliance of artists and athletes Somos Una Voz, to provide humanitarian aid to areas affected by natural disasters throughout the southern United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other affected areas in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, his sports and entertainment company Magnus Media leads the country’s representation of Latino artists and athletes, focusing on building new businesses that bridge content creation and commerce.

Marc Anthony’s presentation was produced by Fénix Entertainment Group.


Source: Clarin

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