An Argentine mathematician has won an academic prize equivalent to the Nobel

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An Argentine mathematician has won an academic prize equivalent to the Nobel

Andrea Rotnitzky

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The Argentine scientist and professor at the University of Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT) Andrea Rotnitzky won the Rousseeuw Prize, equivalent to a Nobel, for his work in statistics. The award is for his work, along with a group of colleagues, in researching causal inference and its use in medicine and public health. Causal inference is cause and effect determination process.The award is endowed with one million dollars.

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As reported by the King Baudouin Foundation, based in Brussels (Belgium), Rotnitzky and four other scientists specializing in the field of statistics, “is a pioneer in research on causal inference with applications in medicine and public health“.

The other winners were James Robins, Miguel Hernán, Thomas Richardson and Eric Tchetgen. The award will take place on 12 October in a ceremony at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

The aim of the award is to highlight excellence in statistical research that has a significant impact on daily life.

“The work of the winners has provided new insights and statistical methods for addressing major epidemiological issues. For example, what is the effect of long-term medical treatment? And if it’s beneficial,which treatment strategies are optimal? ”the Foundation reported.

“Examples that have had both a scientific and social impact include studies of postmenopausal hormone therapy in coronary artery disease; statin treatment in cancer; the benefits of anti-inflammatory therapy for patients with Covid-19,” the Foundation added.

Rotnitzky’s work “focuses on development of analytical tools to estimate, from observational data or imperfect experimental data, the causal effects of treatments, “said the university.

Rotnitzky received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Buenos Aires in 1982 and continued his education in statistics at the University of California. Since 2005, he has been an adjunct professor of biostatistics at Harvard University and a professor in the UTDT Department of Economics. In 2012 she was appointed principal investigator of the Conicet.

Said Juan José Cruces, rector of the UTDT Clarione: “It is a great pride for the University of Torcuato Di Tella that Andrea Rotnitzky, Plenary Professor of the Department of Economics, has received, together with colleagues from different parts of the world, this very important recognition in Statistics. For his size and frequency. semiannual, this award it would be analogous to the Nobel Prize in Statistics. The aim of the award is to recognize pioneering work in statistical methods relevant to society: this is it extraordinary contributions that have had an impact and have been widely applied in statistical practice “.

Cruces also highlighted that “Andrea is also a pedagogically excellent teacher, much loved by students and colleagues. In turn, Professor Rotnitzky stands out for other very important institutional contributions: in 2021 she led the group that conceived the Mission Return, our plan to return to presence in force since August, and is secretary of the Honorary Academic Council, one of Di Tella’s higher government councils “.

Source: Clarin

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