Tourist dollar: 9 keys to the perception of 45% of profits

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Tourist dollar: 9 keys to the perception of 45% of profits

The increase in perception applies from Thursday 14 July inclusive,

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Last week AFIP recently increased the perception for targeted operations consumption of dollars for travel and expenses abroad with credit or debit cards. In that way, the rate went from 35% to 45%. When it comes to deposits or savings, the share of US $ 200 to which they are enabled less and less, the perception of profit remains at 35%.

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Since when does the increase apply? Can I continue to pay my expenses abroad by credit card and then cancel the balance in pesos? or in which cases does it increase? Subsequently, the tax specialist Sebastián Domínguez, CEO of DSC Tax Advisors, conducted a survey with 9 answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. Since when does the increase in perception from 35% to 45% apply?

The increase in perception was carried out by the General Resolution (AFIP) 5232 – modification of the General Resolution (AFIP) 4815 – and It applies from and including Thursday 14 July, the day on which this 10-point increase was announced. on the receipt of Earnings for expenses with credit or debit cards abroad.

2. In all cases, does the perception increase from 35% to 45%?

No, the perception remains at 35% for the purchase of the “savings dollar”, that is, the US $ 200 per month.

Instead, The perception increased from 35% to 45% for payments in pesos for consumption in foreign currency made by credit card, debit card, purchase, for the purchase of tourist services abroad through tourist agencies and for the purchase of tickets abroad.

It is important to remember that the perception is also valid in the case of digital services provided by foreign parties (eg Netflix, Office 365, etc.) that the summary of the card arrives in pesos because then the Bank has to transfer dollars abroad.

3. Will they apply the perception of 45% on consumption that I made by credit card before July 14 and still have not paid?

According to the technical analysis, we understand that, according to the wording of General Resolution (AFIP) 5232, the increase in perception to 45% applies to all consumption made before 14/07/2022 regardless of whether the summary has been closed or not and whether they are paid since that day.

This is our interpretation because the General Resolution (AFIP) 4815 establishes that the collection must be carried out on the occasion provided for by article 38 of Law 27.541 and this article indicates that it must be applied on the date of collection of the summary and / or settlement of the card in question. That means, The perception is not applied at the time of consumption but when the summary is charged.

General Resolution (AFIP) 5232 does not include any stating provision that the increase in perception applies to transactions carried out starting from July 14, 2022.

However, Recall that it was unofficially leaked that the AFIP would have indicated to the Banks not to apply it for the consumption carried out before July 14. We will have to wait and see what happens in the next few days.

4. Can I continue to pay my expenses abroad by credit card and then cancel the balance in pesos?

Yes for now, did not change any additional rules to increase perception.

You can continue to pay for consumption abroad by credit card and then cancel the balance of the summary in pesos.

In these cases, the exchange rate at the time of payment will be applied (similar to the official exchange rate- plus national tax plus the perception of 45%.

5. Can I pay my expenses abroad with a debit card with pesos in my bank account?

Yes, for now, no additional rules have changed as perception increases.

If your debit card is the same for your pesos and dollar account, before consumption it is necessary to confirm that the charge is configured to be made on the pesos account. The procedure is usually carried out by Home Banking.

We are aware of some banks that do not have the possibility to choose the account to which consumption will be debited.

6. I go abroad, do I have to pay the expenses in dollars in cash or pay by credit card and then pay the balance in pesos?

Currently, it is better to pay expenses abroad with a credit card and then pay the balance in pesos for the following: If you have dollars in cash and are not a buyer of solidarity dollars, you can make a stock exchange transaction to convert them into pesos at the implied “MEP dollar” exchange rate. You would currently get around $ 285 for every dollar bill you have.

If you cancel your credit card balance in pesos, you will pay around $ 240 for every dollar considering the current official exchange rate. In other words, you will use fewer dollar bills to pay for consumption abroad with a credit card.

In some jurisdictions, you also need to consider the cost consumption tax. For example, in CABA it is 1.20% The risk to consider is that there is a significant devaluation of the peso before you can pay the balance of the card summary and that the MEP dollar does not rise in the same way. proportion.

7. I intend to travel abroad, do I have to buy the products in the free shop?

Purchases in free stores in Argentina are not subject to the PAIS tax or the 45% levy..

As a result, it can be very convenient to buy some products in the free store rather than outside.

Our recommendation is to carry out a survey of the prices of the products you want to buy both in Argentina and abroad and then compare them with the prices in the free shop. For example, if you want to buy a perfume, it is usually convenient to make the purchase in Argentine free shops.

8. I am not a taxpayer of Income or Personal Assets Can I request a refund of my income?

If you are not a taxpayer of income or personal assets, you can request the return of the perceptions starting from January 1st of the following year the year they were made.

The same happens if you are an employee in a dependent relationship and your employer has not withheld your earnings because they did not match and you are not a personal taxpayer.

You will be able to request the return of 2021 perceptions starting from 1/1/2022.

The procedure is via the service “Return of perceptions”.

There is no return deadline. According to the experience of previous years, the return can take a long time depending on each particular situation.

9. I am an employee in a dependent relationship and my employer withholds my income tax. Can I ask for a refund of my salary?

If you are an employee in a dependent relationship and your employer makes income withholding taxes, you can report the income via the F572Web form of the From January 1st to March 31st of the year following the earning.

Your employer will return the withholding taxes in April or May of the following yearas the case may be, up to the limit of the amount withheld from the employee the previous year.

If there is residual, you will have to submit the sworn statement of earnings, generate the favorable balance and then request reimbursement with another scheme with a much more complex procedure.

For instance:

  • Case 1: Your employer withheld $ 100,000 in income tax from you and you report $ 80,000 in income. Your employer will pay you back $ 80,000.
  • Case 2: Your employer has withheld $ 100,000 in income tax and you claim to earn $ 150,000. Your employer will pay you back $ 100,000.


Source: Clarin

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